Accountable Payments℠ Secure payments between co-parents.

Everything you need, in one place.

TalkingParents already lets you talk, text, and plan. Now, we are giving you the ability to keep your shared parenting expenses accounted for and on the Record. Securely send requests, get paid, and deliver money through Accountable Payments℠.


  • Send Payments

    Keep track of child support, extracurricular activities, medical expenses, and more. Reduce stress by sending payments via Accountable Payments, making sure no transactions are lost or forgotten.

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  • Receive Payments

    Have your co-parent send money to the bank account of your choosing. See which payments are processing, and what has already been paid.

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  • Request a Payment

    Send a request for a recent expense or unexpected cost. Splitting the cost of a field trip or new shoes can be as simple as sending a request to begin a payment.

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  • Searchable Records

    Search for keywords within payments, and filter past payments by type, or by date range. With a date range selected, you can sort by ascending or descending order.

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How to Get Started

Activate multi-factor authentication and link your bank account to begin sending and receiving payments.

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  • Accountability is at the heart of everything we do at TalkingParents, which is why we have built Accountable Payments with extra features you will not find in other money transfer services.
  • Payment details and activity, including when a request has been viewed, are time stamped and recorded in the Accountable Payments Record. You can rest assured that any money you request, send, or receive is documented and accounted for.

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