Tips for Organized Co-Parenting (Free Planner Download)

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Parenting requires a lot of coordination. From figuring out whether skating practice was moved from 2 PM on Tuesdays or Thursdays, to remembering if your son said his class play started or ended at 10AM, there are a lot of moving pieces of which parents need to keep track.

For co-parents, this is even more complicated because they need to factor in custody schedules on top of it all. Getting organized is the key to success! Talking Parents offers tools that help co-parents communicate effectively, and now we have also created a Co-parenting Planner to help even more!

There are so many organizational tools out there for students and parents, but we didn't think any of them addressed the specific needs of parents with shared custody. So, we created a Co-Parenting Planner specifically for co-parents' organization needs.

Using a planner has many benefits. It can improve your time management, reduce your daily stress by streamlining your schedule, and is another way to create a record of the communication with your co-parent. Scroll down to the bottom to download yours for free!

Additional tips for co-parents to get organized while using our planner:

Write it Down

Remember that thing that your co-parent said last week at drop off—me either! Get everything that happens between you and your co-parent in writing in some form. Whether it is a message on Talking Parents or a note that you save in your phone, details are very important.

Create a Co-Parenting Handbook

We can never expect a co-parent to read our minds, so having a conversation about how you plan to run both households is a great one to have. However, that may not be realistic in all relationships.
Some decisions, such as outlining the steps to take if there is an emergency or deciding who to call if your co-parent can not be reached, are useful to establish and include your handbook.

Set Goals

People who set goals and write them down are 42% more likely to accomplish them. In our Co-parenting planner, we have dedicated the first page to goal setting. Whether you do this alone or with your co-parent, defining the things that you want within your relationship and your kids’ lives will help you create a clear path towards those goals.

Review Regularly

Check- your planner, your parenting plan, and your co-parent regularly. Significant others or new jobs can impact your schedules because of changing situations, and reviewing your documented plan can help you adapt more smoothly to these shifts.

Don’t Do It Alone

Raising a child takes a village, and that is true within any family structure. Building your own unique community and support system is vital in your children’s success and your own, as well.

Within the co-parenting planner, we have created a space for you to write the contact information for close friends, family, doctors, teachers, and other members of your child’s community.

Relying on other co-parents in your friend group or family who have experience or who understand your specific situation can also be a great tool for parents.

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