Why You Need a Co-Parenting App

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Apps are a part of our everyday life. They make our life easier and less stressful. We use them to communicate with friends and family through social networks. We use them to listen to music, watch videos and live TV. And now we can use them for one of our most important jobs – sharing the duties of raising a child with another adult.

You may be separated from your child’s other parent physically, perhaps also emotionally, but co-parenting apps make it possible to share parenting responsibilities and information in a secure, neutral environment.

I didn’t get the message

Communicating through texts, emails or social media can create problems. What if a parent isn’t keeping up with their messages across multiple platforms? What if a message about an important date gets buried underneath a pile of other messages? What if one parent swears the message never came through? A co-parenting app prevents these types of communication issues from occurring. Through one platform, you have secure messaging across all devices. Any time a parent posts a new message, the other parent is notified.

What time is practice today?

Another great feature of a co-parenting app is a shared calendar where you can note essential dates such as doctor’s appointments, sports practices, pick-up and drop-off times and much more. An updated, shared calendar makes it much easier to record and keep track of the important dates in your child’s life.

I can’t find that letter from the school

Every parent can benefit from this feature offered on a co-parenting app — a central database for storing relevant information that both parents need to access, such as medical records, report cards, important phone numbers, notes from teachers and much more.  The files are hosted on a secure server, so even if one parent has a hardware or software issue, the information is not lost.

That’s not what I said

Most importantly, co-parenting apps provide a record of all communications between parents that are timestamped and unalterable, so there is no confusion about who sent a message, when it was sent or what content the message contained. Time and date stamps are even recorded when a parent views or edits an event on the calendar. A co-parenting app can help avoid disputes between parents and keep both parties accountable.

Co-parenting is not always an easy process, but a co-parenting app can make communication easier, allowing parents to focus on what really matters: the well being of their children

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