Top Educational Apps for Kids

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Today we’re scouring the internet to help parents learn more about the top educational apps for kids. There are a ton of resources out there compiling lists of the best educational apps, including the eLearning Industry, Parents,, POPSUGAR Family, and the Educational App Store.  

It turns out, there must be a wide variety of amazing educational apps available, as each of these different resources has a different opinion on which apps are best. There were only four apps that appeared on more than one list.

The Best Educational Apps:

DragonBox math apps for kidsDragonBox Big Numbers (best for ages 6 to 9) and DragonBox Elements (for ages 6 to 12) are both great math apps. In DragonBox Big Numbers, children will learn big numbers as well as long additional and subtraction. This is a great tool for practicing numbers and early math concepts. DragonBox Elements is more advanced, and contains over 100 puzzles to help your early mathematicians understand geometry. 


kids reading appsMonkey WordSchool Adventure (best for ages 3 to 7) is a reading app for early literacy! This app is a great way to introduce early reading with the help of a cute monkey. Children learn as they play with games such as Spelling Stone, Word Wall, Terrarium, and more. You can even customize the settings to fit your own child's focus needs.

kids geography appsStack the States (best for ages 4 and over) helps kids learn the 50 states through fun and engaging games. Children can play games and learn information like nicknames, capitals, location on the map, and so much more about all 50 states. Reviewers say the best part of this app is that there are no third-party ads or in-app purchases, so you can rest assured that your kids' attention will stay within the safety of the app itself.

language learning app for kids
Duolingo is a foreign language-learning app that is a favorite for adults and children alike. You can choose from over 30 languages to learn, including languages such as Spanish, French, and even Klingon for those that appreciate the nerdy side of language learning. It is currently the #2 Education app in iTunes, coming in just behind iTunes U. While the basic training is free, you can purchase premium subscriptions for more learning fun. 

Other apps that the authors and editors of these resources thought were worthwhile to mention:

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educational apps for kids

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Bottom line: there are a lot of great options out there to put technology to good learning use. Share this blog post with other parents, tell us some of your favorite educational kids apps, or share your opinions about the ones we listed above.

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