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How TalkingParents is a Game Changer in the Courtroom

4 ways that TalkingParents can help you and your attorney in the courtroom.

Carina Michelle Reyna, Esq. Divorce & Child Custody Attorney The Law Offices of Carina M. Reyna

As a family law attorney, I can say with confidence that the main issue the majority of my clients struggle with is learning how to effectively co-parent. Despite what most people believe, co-parenting is not easy, and for the most part, it does not come naturally. This is why I highly recommend that both parents sign up for a co-parenting communication service such as TalkingParents.


Effective co-parenting requires both parties to re-learn how to communicate with one another as separate, single parents

With TalkingParents, you can plan, talk, and coordinate schedules for your child(ren), helping you communicate more effectively. The app creates an all-in-one place to store timestamped messages, call logs, and calendars.

By default, these features also make the app the perfect piece of documentation in a custody dispute, should that become necessary. If you are trying to effectively co-parent, but your ex is not, TalkingParents acts as a safeguard. If you end up having to go to court, here are 4 ways that I believe the app is a game changer in the courtroom:

  1. TalkingParents organizes your court case. Features like Secure MessagingAccountable CallingAccountable Payments, and more allow you to keep records of all facets of communication between you and your co-parent. Your attorney can easily see and prove whether your co-parent sent a payment or shared certain information with you.
  2. TalkingParents makes evidence gathering easy. The service gives you access to Unalterable Records of all communications made within the app, streamlining the evidence gathering process. Because messages are timestamped and records are printable, co-parents have a full log of evidence that’s readily available for their attorney, making it easy to prove non-responsiveness or non-compliance in court.
  3. TalkingParents stores everything for you. If you lose or break your phone leading up to a court case, the app has your back. All communications between you and your co-parent are still documented and unchanged in your Unalterable Records, remaining accessible for court. This gives both you and your attorney a sense of security the whole way through your case.
  4. TalkingParents forces accountability. You can bring anything and everything back to the app so that it is admissible in court. You receive an important message from your child’s school? Screenshot it, share it with your co-parent through Secure Messaging, and say “Hey, did you see this?” You can bring any communication or coordination back to the app so that it’s documented for your attorney and case.

TalkingParents leaves no room for the “he said, she said” arguments

The service offers easy to print transcripts that can be downloaded directly from your phone or desktop. Believe me, no parent wants to be called out in court for being non-responsive, unreasonable, argumentative, or even accused of not complying to court orders after a judge reads the TalkingParents transcript.

Effective co-parenting is the best way for you to show a court that you’re invested in the most important part of your case: your children. Time and time again, I have seen TalkingParents give peace of mind to my clients who are trying to effectively co-parent, and it does the same for me as their attorney.

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