Ultimate List of Resources for Co-Parents

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When parents separate or divorce, there are numerous conversations and considerations that need to be made in the best interest of the children involved. While there are so many blogs and resources out there for parents who are navigating different stages in their growing child’s life, there are often not enough tools out there for co-parents.

We have a roundup of resources, toolkits, and other links below to help you navigate one of the most unique relationships in your life.


Among the many videos for co-parents and different channels, TED Talks How to co-parent as allies, not adversaries and The beautiful, hard work of co-parenting are moving speeches outlining two successful co-parenting relationships.


There are both paid and free downloads available for co-parents online. These range from resources such as the CoParenting Toolkit to a CoParenting Communication Guide. The right tools will depend entirely on the relationship with your co-parent, so consider downloading the guides and using the sections that seem most helpful to you.

Co-parenting Books


Books are one of the most valuable learning tools because you can read it at your own pace, on your time, and you can share the resource with your co-parent when you are done. Since you and your co-parent are working towards the shared goal of helping your child, you may both benefit from reading the same book and using the strategies listed to work together.
Additionally, there are many books for children about divorce.

Some books that are often recommended to co-parents include:

Co-parenting Class


For co-parents looking for a more intensive and structured way to get information, there are both online and in-person classes that are offered around the world. Some examples include Children in the Middle, Up to Parents, and Co-Parenting into the Future.
There are also great co-parenting blogs that share regular articles on co-parenting, families, and other related topics.

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