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Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page. If you do not find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us using the form below. Full Name Email Address Phone Number Question or Comment

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble verifying my email address and completing the sign-up process.

Please be sure to click the ‘Create My Account’ button after you complete the sign-up form. Please also double check your email’s spam and/or junk folders to make sure the verification email is not ending up there. If you are a Gmail user, then don’t forget to check the various tabs Gmail now uses to presort your inbox. Finally, please be sure to add to your contacts list to ensure all future messages from our system go straight to your inbox and then try signing up again.

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How do I change or update the information I provided when I signed up?

Don’t worry, our system is designed to account for typos and name variations so there is probably no need to update the information you provided when you signed up. Our system uses the information each parent provides during signup (name, other parent’s name, child’s first name and birthdate) to match them together. You do not need to know the other parent’s email address to communicate through, nor will we ever purposely share your email address with the other parent.

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How do I know if the other parent has signed up?

Remember, you will not be able to sign in to your account until the other parent creates an account of their own. Once the other parent does sign up, our service will match your account with theirs and activate them both. You will receive an automatic email notice from our system when that happens. Please be sure to add to your email’s contacts list to ensure all future messages from our system go directly to your primary inbox. Your information will remain in our database so your account can be activated no matter how long it takes for the other parent to sign up.

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What if the other parent doesn't sign up? Do they need to receive an invitation?

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to compel the other parent to sign up. If you are permitted to have such contact, then you may want to try simply reminding the other parent to sign up. The other parent does not need to receive any sort of invitation from us, all they need to do is go to and sign up just like you did.
If you think the other parent may be acting in violation of a court order by not signing up, then we must recommend you consult with a qualified local attorney or the court itself.

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When I try to sign in to my account, it tells me that the other parent has not yet signed up but I know they have.

Our system occasionally requires a human administrator to verify a match before the accounts are activated. This can cause a delay of up to several hours depending on circumstances.

If you believe the other parent has signed up but your accounts have not been activated for more than one day then please contact us using the form above.

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When I try to sign in to my account, I see an error message that says ‘Incorrect username or password”.

First, as a reminder, your username is your complete email address. Please be sure to enter your email address completely and correctly every time you sign in. Sometimes, especially on a mobile device or certain computers, it is very easy to accidently include a space, extra character, or other typo within an email address. You may even want to try copying and pasting your complete email address into the sign-in box to be sure. If you accidently enter a typo one time, your device or browser may be saving and re-entering the mistake over and over.

Please also remember passwords are case-sensitive and your device may be automatically capitalizing the first letter. If you are still unable to sign in, please try resetting your password by clicking here. If you do not receive the password reset email right away, please double check your email’s spam and/or junk folders and also the various tabs Gmail now uses to presort your inbox if you are a Gmail user. Please also be sure to add to your email’s contacts list before trying again.

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I can't remember what email address is associated with my account.

Most people have at least a few different email addresses. If you can’t remember which email address is associated with your account, then an easy way to figure it out is to use our password reset feature. From there you can enter a series of possible email addresses. When you enter the wrong email address, you will see a red error message saying the address is not in our system. When you enter the correct email address, you will see a success message.

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How do I share my conversations with my attorney or other third party?

The best way to share your conversations with a third party is to simply email them a complete copy of your record in PDF format. You can do this directly from the Complete Records section of our site.

The receiving party will be able to read or print the record and they will be able to easily and instantly search the entire document electronically. You can direct them to a specific message or conversation by referencing a page number or they can search the record electronically by keyword.

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Can I add a third person to my conversations?

Currently all records are limited to just two participants. We do plan on expanding our service to allow for more than two participants on a single record, but before we can implement such a feature there are a number of difficult issues to resolve regarding privacy and accurate record keeping.
In the meantime, individuals are welcome to create as many free accounts as they need. Each account can be matched with a different person, however each account must be associated with a different email address. As far as we are concerned, there is no right or wrong way to use We encourage parents, lawyers, and courts to be creative and use however they like to best fit the circumstances of each case or relationship.

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Are attached files still available after the download link expires?

Attached files are available for download for a period of 7 days for Standard users, at which point they are archived and moved to long-term storage. If a user needs to regain access to their archived files then they can do so anytime by upgrading to a Premium account. Files are not archived for Premium accounts.

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How do I cancel my account?

When a parent no longer wants or needs to use our service then they should do the following:

1.     Post a new message stating that you will no longer be using - thereby providing the other parent with notice and documenting your intent.
2.     Go to the My Account section and turn off the new message notifications so you will not receive any further emails from our system.
3.     Stop using
Per our Terms of Service, we will never delete a Complete Record at the request of a user without a valid court order requiring us to do so. We want all of our users, both former and current, to have easy access to their Complete Record should they need it at some point in the future.

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How can I get some free brochures?

Please use the contact form above to request brochures and other materials. Please remember to include your name and complete shipping address.

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Why does the app say I need a Premium account subscription?

A Premium account is not necessary at all to communicate through our service and our main website, accessed via any internet browser, is designed to automatically resize and rearrange itself to fit the screen on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or regular computer. You can access your account anytime for free by opening the internet browser on your phone and navigating to
Upgrading to a Premium account costs $4.99 per month and includes unlimited access to electronic records, a totally ad-free experience across all devices, a discount on printed records, access to our new iPhone and Android mobile apps; and access to all archived files.
You can upgrade to a Premium account anytime by signing in to your account with a web browser and navigating to the My Account section. You can also cancel Premium status anytime if you find the additional features are not worth the expense. Your Complete Record, and access to your account via your internet browser, will not be affected at all by doing so.

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