How TalkingParents Works

A communication service for co-parenting and shared custody.

Accountable CallingSM

Accountable CallingSM allows you to make recorded calls with your co-parent without disclosing either user's phone number. Upgrade to Premium and start a call. Premium users also have unlimited access to their call transcripts and recordings.

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Secure & Easy Messaging

Easily create new messages with your co-parent. Upload file attachments with your messages. The message screen follows an easy-to-read format similar to text messaging. Each message has a timestamp of when the other parent has viewed it, and when it was originally sent.

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Unalterable PDF & Printed Records

Our Records are a complete view of all communications. You can order digital PDF or Certified Printed Records anytime you need them. Your complete Messaging Record is arranged into chronological topics. Your Calendar Record includes the details of every new calendar event, edit, view, and deletion. Your Journal Record is a complete record of all your personal entries. Your Calling Record shows when every call was placed through TalkingParents, and Premium Users have the option to include transcripts as well. We keep all communications between users in one secure place that is permanently accessible.

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The Vault

The Vault is a private, secure storage space for all of your pictures, videos, and files of any kind. You can choose to add items from your Vault to your messages with your co-parent. You can even email Vault files to people without a TalkingParents account. The Vault is not accessible by the other parent without sharing and is not part of your Messaging, Calendar, Journal, or Calling records.
*The Vault is a Standard and Premium App Feature Only

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Shared Calendar

The Event Calendar is a shared calendar and designed to allow you to coordinate events with your co-parent. When you create an event, only you can edit it. You can also order a Calendar Record to get a full view of all your events, past, present, and future.

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Personal Journal

The Journal is a place you keep notes that are not shared with your co-parent. They are entirely private. Journal entries can be deleted at any time. You can order a copy of your Journal Record in a PDF or Printed format.

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Attachments Library

Sharing images and documents with your other parent is a necessary part of successful co-parenting. Our Attachment Library allows you to easily see and download all the files you have shared with your co-parent. This is a shared feature between parents.
*Standard and Premium users have unlimited access to their Attachments Library.

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