How to Use the TalkingParents Info Library

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With the introduction of the TalkingParents Info Library, co-parents can now coordinate and share necessary details about their lives and their children. 

What is the Info Library?

The Info Library is a feature that allows parents to create cards with important contacts or information about their children. Parents can share cards with their co-parent or keep them private. This feature is completely customizable, with options to input specific contact information and a place for detailed notes.

Everything within the Info Library is included in the Info Library Record. If one parent chooses to create a Private card, this will only be included on their Record, not their co-parent’s.
This feature elevates TalkingParents from a communication tool to an organizational asset for you and your co-parent.

How to Use Info Library?

The Info Library can be accessed via the main menu in the app and the website. This feature is available on the app and on the website for Standard and Premium users. Free users have access to cards created by their co-parent if that parent is a Standard or Premium user.

Learn more about using the Info Library in the video below.


Ideas on How to Use Info Library

You can organize your cards within a Tab or outside of one. Some potential tabs might include Medical, Childcare, School, Clothing and Shoe Sizes, and more. We have included some examples below.

Medical Cards

Kids can change pediatricians or specialists, and it can be tricky to keep up. Info Library cards include the date upon which the cards were last edited, so you can easily see which one is the most up to date, and quickly contact the relevant professional.

Childcare and School Cards

Cards that relate to your child’s school and childcare are very important and can be a helpful way to let your co-parent call a teacher if they need a hand with homework or have a question. By uploading cards pre-emptively, you might be able to reduce the amount of coordination that is required for these types of scenarios.

Clothing Sizes

Growing kids mean changing shoe sizes, and if you are shopping while your kids are with your co-parent, it is easy to forget which socks you should pick. Add in their most recent clothing and shoe sizes to avoid a last-minute call to check.

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