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TalkingParents Releases First-to-Market Video Calling Feature

TalkingParents continues to set the standard as the industry leader in co-parenting communication with the release of Video Calling. Divorced or separated parents can now make recorded video calls to their co-parent with this Accountable Calling feature upgrade.

With the growing popularity of applications like FaceTime and the resurgence of Zoom, TalkingParents is the first co-parenting communications service to provide co-parents and their children access to secure and accountable video communication. Similar to other TalkingParents features, all Video Calls are recorded as part of the Accountable Calling Record. Video call recordings are downloadable, and a transcript of the call is also available. Through this feature, users may also leave Video Voicemails.

“To our customers: You asked for Video Calling, and we delivered! We craft every new feature of TalkingParents to meet and exceed your expectations. We strive hard to deliver on our brand promise of accountability while helping parents communicate and work together better with the best co-parenting and communication tools. Our team here at TalkingParents are also parents and co-parents. We understand the difficulties you face because we face them too. If by using our tool, you can bring a little harmony and reduce the stresses that parenting brings, we can all enjoy our children and families more, while making our world better.” – Vince Mayfield, CEO TalkingParents

This latest feature release comes just months after the successful rollout of Accountable Payments, a money transfer and payment request tool that helps parents keep track of all shared parenting expenses. TalkingParents continues to invest in its technology and user support to ensure co-parents are supported in every step of their shared parenting journey.

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