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TalkingParents Unveils Newly Redesigned Website to Help Co-Parents

TalkingParents recently launched their newly redesigned website with the goal of providing support for co-parents top-of-mind. now offers an enhanced user experience and dynamic Parenting Resources page to aid parents where it matters most.

The revamped user experience not only provides co-parents with an extensive “how-to” video of each feature, but also highlights best practices shared by other co-parents to help users get the most out of the service. The updated Parenting Resources page includes an extensive collection of child rearing information and parenting tips, covering a variety of topics. This specially curated content comes from industry leading resources and through partnerships with experts in fields like family law, mental health, financial planning, education, and more.

“We want to provide a place for co-parents to not only learn about our service and the tools we provide, but to also find support for the everyday issues all parents face. This redesign was driven by our desire to better serve co-parents across the nation by providing access to a variety of free resources in a single location. TalkingParents continues to develop partnerships with family-focused experts in an assortment of industries so we can bring our co-parents a robust offering of information to make their jobs as parents easier. It truly takes a village to raise our kids and TalkingParents is here to help!” —Heather Ruiz, Director of Marketing

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