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Start a Call

Watch this video to learn how Recorded Calling works or read the instructions below.

To place a call through the Talking Parents app, you must first verify your phone number and enable calling.

Once you have completed those steps, the Premium account user can follow the steps below to begin a call.


  1. Navigate to My Communications in the menu, then select Calls. You can also get to this Call screen by clicking on the phone icon at the bottom-right of the Messages screen.
  2. Select the + icon on the top right of the screen
  3. Tap the Phone Call icon
  4. Select Confirm Call.
  5. The pop-up notification will tell you what number from which to expect a call.
  6. The number from the pop-up will call the verified phone number.
  7. Pick up the phone and follow the instructions to initiate the call with the other parent.

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