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Family Friendly Fall Activities

We have created a list of fall activity ideas for families to do near them, regardless of their budget. 

Fall is the perfect occasion to take your activities outside and enjoy the cooler weather (before it gets too cold). The changing leaves and seasonal flavors create new activities and opportunities to spend time with your family.

We have created a list of fall activities that families can do close to home, regardless of their budget. Our list focuses on activities that help you spend time together:

  1. Apple picking: If you live near an apple orchard or farm, this is a great time to get outside and start picking apples that you can eat, share with friends, or turn into yummy pie.

  2. Bake a pie: Apple, pumpkin, and raspberries are all in season in the fall, and they all make great pies. Find a recipe, or get ideas by exploring this Food Network list. This activity is fun for kids of all ages because you can tailor their involvement to meet their age and abilities.
  3. Have a campfire: Whether it’s a real or fake campfire, you can create a bonfire evening with s’mores and a guitar. Hang out in your backyard or find a fire pit in a local park.
  4. Decorate the house: Use purchased or homemade pieces to create a fall atmosphere on your mantle or your front porch. A homemade wreath or wood letter sign can bring color and character to your home.
  5. Play a game: Football, broom races, corn husking relays, lacrosse, and field hockey are all suited for fall weather. Organize a family tournament or games.

  6. Rake leaves: Who said that chores can’t be fun? Turn raking into a competition or a race and get the whole family involved.
  7. Have a hot chocolate night: Spruce up your hot chocolate with different marshmallows, various flavors, and exciting toppings.
  8. Make fall candles: Use different scents and colors to create candles that you love. Many easy to follow DIY tutorials are available online to help guide you and your kids through the process.
  9. Plan your Halloween costume: If you celebrate Halloween, the start of fall can also be a sign that it is getting closer! Start to brainstorm what you and your kids want to be for Halloween and see if making the costume yourself is an option! Get creative

  10. Do leaf art: The leaves may be falling from the trees, but that doesn’t mean that they are garbage! Recycle the colorful leaves by turning them into art or even using them as inspiration for a craft.
  11. Read fall stories: There are so many wonderful, fun books about fall that you can read with your family. Even better, use the stories to inspire your own fall writing!
  12. Carve a pumpkin: Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, carving pumpkins can be an exciting activity that involves the whole family. Take turns scooping out the pumpkin and pick a design that everyone loves. If you don’t want the mess of carving, paint or draw on the outside of any squash or gourd!
  13. Make a fall playlist: Go online and find songs that make you feel all the cozy fall vibes, have your kids pick songs that make them feel relaxed and ready for sweater season.
  14. Watch fall movies: Hocus Pocus and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown are not the only autumn movies out there. Movies such as E.T., Fantastic Mr. Fox, and even Harry Potter all take place in the fall too!
  15. Fall drinks: More than just apple cider and hot cocoa, fall flavors offer many ways to get creative with delicious drinks.
  16. Knit a scarf: Kids of all ages can learn how to or help you with knitting. Try arm knitting if you don’t have knitting needles!

  17. Nature Hike: Find a local park or path that you can explore. Everything looks different and more exciting with all the new colors.
  18. Scavenger Hunt: Find an online scavenger hunt list and use it to create a great outdoor exploration day with your family.
  19. Try a new recipe: The possibilities are almost endless with all the harvest vegetables that are in season. Visiting a local farmers market or seeing what is available at your grocery store can help you get inventive with your dinner menu.
  20. Make a thankful list: Create a list of things you are grateful for, even if it isn’t quite Thanksgiving.

  21. Camp in the backyard: Since it’s not as hot, it is the perfect time to snuggle up in your backyard tent.
  22. Switch fall clothes and donate summer clothes: Since you are going to be changing out your wardrobe to make room for jackets and scarves, take the time to clear out the summer outfits that you have not worn all season.
  23. Take family photos: Pick complimentary outfits and find a location that shows the natural beauty of the place you love.
  24. Find a scenic drive: There are often nice drives and scenic highways in your area that you may not have explored. Or maybe you drove it in the summer, but haven’t seen it in the fall yet. Now is your chance to see the changing landscapes.
  25. Cook soup together: Soup gets better as it simmers on the stovetop, which is perfect because the smell also takes over your home.
  26. Plan a Thanksgiving meal: Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you can create a meal that centers on your gratitude towards the people you love.

  27. Make a cozy fort: Get all the pillows, fluffy blankets, and cozy materials you can find!
  28. Make a centerpiece: It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a family event or a dinner for two, crafting an exciting centerpiece will spruce up your dining area and make dinner feel fancy.
  29. Learn about history: As school begins, take the opportunity to invest your time into learning (and teaching your kids about) local history. Find historical landmarks or consult local websites that can give you more information about your area’s past.
  30. Make pinecone bird feeders: Pick up some pinecones outside and cover it with a nut or seed butter, and then dip it in birdseed.
  31. Roast pumpkin seeds: If you did decide to carve pumpkins, sort out the seeds and line them on a baking sheet. Cover them with the seasoning of your choice and roast them in the oven!
  32. Write scary stories: Flex your creative muscles by encouraging your kids to write scary stories.
  33. Apple or Corn Crafts: With the abundance of apples and corn, use your imagination to find other ways to utilize these resources. From stamps to sensory bins, you can use your produce to do even more!
  34. Apple Cider Donuts: A classic spin on a fall treat, apple cider donuts can be a fun way to practice measurements with your children, too.
  35. Take a tour of neighborhood decorations: Some neighborhoods are known for going all-out when it comes to decorating. Grab some popcorn and take a tour while listening to your fall playlist.

  36. Try Canning: Fall canning is a great way to stretch the fruits and veggies that you have through the winter. Canning can be made kid-friendly too.
  37. Cook treats for neighbors: While you are canning and making different treats, be sure to share with your neighbors and friends!
  38. Plant bulbs for spring: Many types of flowers need to be planted in the fall; talk to a local nursery or plant expert to get more information on which flowers thrive in your climate.

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