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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

A comprehensive list of great holiday gift ideas for toddlers, teens, and any age kid in between. 

A lot about the world has changed in the past couple of decades. However, you may be shocked to find out how similar many of today’s top toys are to the ones you remember from childhood. After combing through holiday gift guides from the experts at outlets such as Today, Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, The Verge, and POPSUGAR, here are a variety of great holiday gift ideas for kids from toddlers to teens. 

Child playing with blocks

Infants and toddlers 

Many toys geared toward infants and toddlers are meant to stimulate their senses, help them refine their gross and fine motor skills, and teach them about their place in the world. 

Sensory toys 

If a toy makes noise and is colorful, a baby will probably love it. As babies grow and develop, they learn concepts like colors, shapes, and textures from toys. Any toy that stimulates a baby’s senses of sight, touch, or hearing is a great gift that serves more purposes than just entertainment. 

Toys for movement 

Toys that can be pushed, pulled, or ridden encourage mobility and interaction as babies begin sitting up, crawling, and walking. Walkers, bouncers, ride-on scooters, and other toys by companies like Fisher-Price and Little Tikes are another way for babies to have fun while learning new motor skills. 

Bath toys 

Bath time is a big deal at this age, so toys for the tub are an excellent choice for promoting sensory activities in a fun way. Certain toys float in the water, while others can have sprinklers, flashing lights, and more.  

Building blocks 

Nothing is as straightforward or fun for a baby when developing motor and coordination skills as blocks. Block-type toys must be safe for stacking and snacking, as they will be chewed. Exciting textures and high-contrast colors make the activity of building even more enticing. 

Child playing with cars


Preschool-age children are discovering the world around them, so toys that allow them to mimic their surroundings and play pretend are a classic gift option. 

Building kits 

Toddlers and preschoolers love to create a miniature world with their toys, and they will often experience joy from kits that facilitate the ability to craft their own stories and characters. Toys that help children build railroad tracks, buildings, and other settings promote creativity, self-expression, and fun. 

Stuffed animals 

Stuffed animals can be a source of comfort and joy for children and come in various types. Some are standard, like Squishmallows with soft textures, while others sing popular children's songs and dance. Even more complex stuffed animals can repeat sounds and words a child makes and speaks. 

Play-pretend accessories 

Baby dolls, play kitchens, and toys that mimic common occupations allow children to pretend to be anyone they want to be. Play-pretend toy sets encompass professions and roles like doctors, teachers, parents, and more. Kids can play school, clean the house, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, and much more with pint-sized play toys made just for them. 

Cars, trucks, and trains 

Whether they race them up and down the hallway or drive them through an imaginary town, kids will always love toy vehicles like cars, trucks, and trains. Playing with small toy vehicles from popular brands like Hot Wheels can help children develop and strengthen their hand-eye coordination skills. Ride-on and remote-control cars are another great option for more advanced and immersive learning. 

Children hula hooping

Elementary school 

For the grade-school set, a love of learning is starting to kick in, and they want to explore, invent, and create.  

Sports equipment 

Children in elementary school often engage in some form of physical activity for fun, so gifts that revolve around their love for movement are a great choice. Bikes, scooters, or skateboards are excellent for kids who prefer moving around, and equipment like basketball hoops or soccer nets can help kids enjoy sports at home. 

Sound and music devices 

Karaoke microphones and two-way radios are gifts that promote a child's self-expression and communication skills while focusing on sounds and music. For kids who enjoy music, alarm clocks that play music can make mornings more manageable and enjoyable for kids and parents alike. 

LEGO sets 

LEGO® sets hold permanent spots on the most popular toy lists. Whether a child is more interested in simple builds or complicated projects involving coding, there is a LEGO set that matches any and every interest. 

Dolls and action figures 

Barbie dolls and superhero action figures are not toys of the past—they allow kids to use their imagination and create their own worlds. Kids who want out-of-this-world adventures, inspiring and relatable confidants, interactions filled with surprises, and more can find a toy made for their needs and interests. 

Girl creating a robot


Pre-teens are at an age when their personalities start shining, and their interests revolve around technology, fast-paced games, and problem-solving challenges. 

Robots and remote-control vehicles 

STEM-oriented toys pick up steam at this age as a pre-teen's problem-solving skills evolve. Remote-control vehicles and kits that allow kids to build and code robots are always popular gift options. 

Room decorations 

A pre-teen's bedroom is their refuge, so customizing it just how they want is essential to them. Light accessories like string lights, fun-shaped lamps, and customizable LED light strips can help them enhance the atmosphere of their room to their liking. Posters and figurines related to their favorite movies and TV shows can also be fun accent pieces. 

Phone accessories 

Since a phone is an accessory most pre-teens treasure and always carry with them, it only makes sense that they would want to personalize it. Accessories like ring stands, creative cases, ring lights, and more can enhance how they use and enjoy their phone. 

Personal style items 

Makeup kits, clothing, backpacks, purses, and jewelry are popular gifts for pre-teens that help them define their personal style. However, self-expression has carried over into many other items that tweens find cool for reflecting their personality and preferences. Stickers, iron-on patches, enamel pins, and other add-ons can help pre-teens extend their style to other things they already own. 

Girl listening to music


There are plenty of tried-and-true gift ideas that won’t make your teen roll their eyes.  

Tech accessories 

Teens and tech go together like peanut butter and jelly. Gaming consoles from brands like PlayStation or Nintendo, headphones, computers, keyboards, and other tech-related items make for great gifts for any teen. Wearable versions like smartwatches, VR headsets, and more offer additional gift options. 

Makeup and skincare products 

Teens often like to experiment with makeup, so makeup and skincare products and tools make great gifts. Eyeshadow palettes, brushes, face masks, and other products and treatments are enjoyable gifts that help teens work on their makeup and skincare skills. 

Fitness accessories 

Staying healthy and hydrated is on the minds of many teens, so gifts that promote these interests continue to be a popular gift idea. Backpacks, stainless steel water bottles, workout accessories, and athletic or athleisure clothing are typically enjoyed and well-used gifts. 


Teens cherish their sleep and cozy gifts that help them rest stylishly and effectively. Gifts like fluffy pillows and stuffed animals, weighted blankets, sleep masks, and alarm clocks that mimic the rising sun can help your teen feel more well-rested. 

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