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Ways Kids Can Make Money During the School Year

5 easy ways your kids can earn money while in school.

How can kids make money while in school?

Holding down a part-time job during the school year is difficult for many children, especially teenagers. If your kids are involved in a lot of activities, the day can be a whirlwind of school, after-school sports practices and clubs, and evening games or performances. It’s hard enough for children to find time to complete their homework and eat dinner, much less juggle a part-time job. So, how can your kids earn money during the school year without running themselves (and you) into the ground? Here are five ideas:

Encourage your kids to clean out their rooms

1. They can sell stuff they don’t want anymore

Most people, including kids, have way more “stuff” than they need or use. Encourage your kids to clean out their rooms to see what they want to get rid of. They may be able to make money by selling old stuff online through eBay and Amazon, or at the local consignment shop. Gently used clothes, shoes, video games, jewelry, stuffed animals, old handheld devices, and phones are all possible sources of untapped income.

2. They can be a good neighbor

Mr. Rogers knew what he was talking about when he advocated for everyone to be good neighbors. There are likely people right next door to you who need help with things like household chores, lawn mowing, raking leaves, shoveling driveways, and more. Not only will your kids build relationships with those around you, but you’ll find that many people are grateful for the assistance and willing to compensate for the helping hand.

The weekends are the perfect opportunity for your kids to put some money in the bank

3. They can offer to babysit

Many parents look to the weekend for a much needed break, and your kids can take advantage of that as they get older. Lots of families will pay for a teen to babysit, especially if it’s someone they already know and trust. If you have any friends or neighbors with small children, your teen may be able to make some fast money by offering to babysit.

4. They can offer tutoring services

If your child is a good student, tutoring other students might be a good way to earn some extra cash. They don’t have to tutor other students if that isn’t comfortable for them. Often, younger kids need assistance with beginning skills like reading and math. Tutoring doesn’t have to be limited to schoolwork either. Your child might be particularly skilled at sports and able to help coach a younger athlete to perfect his or her skills.

There are likely people right next door to you and your kids who need help with things like household chores

5. They can do odd jobs around the house

If you have a major weekend chore that needs to get done, such as painting the shed, mulching the flower beds, or organizing the closets, your kids may be able to do it. If it’s something your child can complete for you, consider offering it up to him or her first as an opportunity to make some money.

Even if your kids can’t commit to a part-time job during the school year because of scheduling conflicts, there is still money to be made. All of these ideas can also teach your kids important life lessons such as responsibility, monetary value, personal skills, and more

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