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New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Lists of healthy New Year’s resolutions for kids based on age.

New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to motivate your kids, helping them start the year off on the right foot. That’s according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which encourages parents to sit down with their children to come up with healthy goals for the new year. You and your co-parent can discuss New Year’s resolutions with your kids and then communicate with each other about how you can help them reach their goals.

Lists of New Year’s resolutions that can help kids learn and grow depending on their age:

10 healthy New Year’s resolution ideas for preschoolers

  1. I will clean up my toys before bed.
  2. I will brush my teeth twice a day.
  3. I will follow rules at school.
  4. I will help take care of family pets.
  5. I will wash my hands after using the bathroom and before I eat.
  6. I will put my clothes away.
  7. I will listen to my parents. 
  8. I will be nice to kids who seem sad.
  9. I will help clear the table.
  10. I will not whine or complain when I don’t get my way.
Girl coloring

10 healthy New Year’s resolution ideas for school-age children

  1. I will make my bed each morning.
  2. I will eat vegetables twice a day.
  3. I will always complete my homework.
  4. I will not stay up past my bedtime.
  5. I will help with laundry and dishes.
  6. I will exercise for 30 minutes each day.
  7. I will try to make friends with kids who seem left out.
  8. I will pack my lunch for school.
  9. I will read before bed each night.
  10. I will not use bad words.
Father and son baking

10 healthy New Year’s resolution ideas for teenagers

  1. I will get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.  
  2. I will study more and get better grades.  
  3. I will help cook family meals. 
  4. I will not give in to peer pressure. 
  5. I will wash the car when it needs to be cleaned. 
  6. I will limit recreational screentime to two hours each day. 
  7. I will volunteer at least once a month.  
  8. I will consume less sugar.  
  9. I will join a school or community organization/club. 
  10. I will be kind to my peers.  

Try New Year’s resolutions as a family 

Setting your own New Year’s resolutions alongside your kids can help them feel encouraged and supported. Children learn by example, so participating in goal setting with your kids will show them that everyone has room for self-improvement, regardless of age. Hoping to improve your co-parenting relationship in the new year? Click here for 5 ideas

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