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Real Co-Parents: Philip Lockwood

Philip L. is a divorced dad of three who says TalkingParents improved his relationship with his kids.

Philip Lockwood has three children with his ex-wife.  

“I was married for eight years. She had an affair, so we had to divorce because of that.” 

Lockwood says his ex relocated after the divorce, which made communication very difficult. 

“It was really hard to plan anything around both of our schedules, and sometimes I didn’t get a response from her for weeks.” 

Lockwood says the lack of communication was not only affecting him, but his kids as well. 

“I wasn’t able to communicate with my children on a regular basis, which created these gaps that made things awkward for them. The kids didn’t know who was saying what and all they would have from me was a text or email to go by.” 

Because of the breakdown in communication, Lockwood says he wasn’t able to have a normal relationship with his children.  

“I love my kids and I wanted nothing more than to communicate with them regularly.” 

Lockwood says he found out about TalkingParents through a friend who was using it to co-parent.  

“Once I started using TalkingParents, I noticed an immediate difference. I am able to see when the other parent is reading messages, which allows me to keep track of everything.” 

The ability to organize messages by subject makes life much easier for Lockwood. 

“When we were using text or email, it was really hard to refer back to anything. With TalkingParents, I can easily do a search of our messages if I need proof of something for the other parent. It helps make communication a lot more efficient.”  

Lockwood says his favorite feature is Unalterable Records

“Hands down, the best part about TalkingParents is the printable PDF. It’s basically a certified copy of your communications, which can be used as a Record in court. You can use it as evidence in child custody cases.” 

Lockwood says TalkingParents has improved his life and his children’s lives. 

“Being able to capture important custody issues has been instrumental for my kids and me. It’s helped us with visitation and keeping a consistent schedule, which has improved our relationship tremendously over this past year.” 

Being able to document messages is what Lockwood says makes all the difference. 

“TalkingParents has created accountability with each parent, which has allowed me to keep consistent communication with their mom, in turn, allowing for more visitation.” 

Lockwood is grateful for TalkingParents and says it will continue to benefit him and his family down the road.  

“I’m able to send documented messages about specific things for each child. Whatever their concerns are, whatever their needs are, I’m able to address them and send all that information to their mom, which allows us to get through any problems a lot faster. I’ve already seen a growth in my relationship with each one of my kids, and going forward, TalkingParents will allow me to see them more and spend more time with them.”  

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