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Send A Message on TalkingParents

Learn how to send a message to your co-parent on TalkingParents. This feature can be used by all users on the web and mobile applications.

Start A Message

Begin by logging on to TalkingParents on the web or mobile app, depending on your plan.

On the Mobile App

When you sign in, you will be immediately taken to the My Communications section of your account. From there, select the paper & pencil icon at the top-right of your screen to begin a new message to your co-parent.

On the Website

When you sign into your account via the TalkingParents website, you will be taken directly to the My Communications section of your account. From there, choose the green New Message icon button at the bottom right of the screen to create a new thread. You can also select the New Message option from the menu, to begin a new message thread with the other parent.

See New Messages

Simply open the navigation area and click on My Communications and the messages will automatically update.

If you are already viewing your message list, then you can simply reload the page by tapping and holding while pulling down to refresh the messages.

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