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Why Use TalkingParents Over Other Apps

There are lots of apps made for communication and coordination, but for parents with shared custody, a co-parenting app is key. 3 reasons to use TalkingParents.

There are lots of apps made for communication and coordination, but for parents with shared custody, a co-parenting app is key. TalkingParents offers far more than just a way to communicate. Here are 3 reasons why you and your co-parent should be using TalkingParents over other apps:


1. Secure Messaging 

There are dozens of messaging apps to choose from, from iMessage and WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Though these messaging platforms likely work fine for communication with your friends and family members, you and your co-parent might not see the same success.  

With general instant messaging platforms, it’s easy to delete or alter communications, which can cause accountability problems for you and your co-parent. With other apps, co-parents can easily say they never sent or received a message. Additionally, many instant messaging apps don’t offer read receipts, and even when they do, these functions can be turned off. This can also pose accountability issues for co-parents, making it easy for a parent to say they never saw a message and go unresponsive.  

With TalkingParents, messages cannot be altered in any way, meaning co-parents are not able to edit or delete communications. On top of that, all messages and read receipts are timestamped, allowing you to see when your co-parent sent or viewed a message. Our service also makes it easy to search through your messages to find specific communications for reference, and you can easily upload file attachments to any message. Learn more about our Secure Messaging feature now.


2. One application 

There’s an app for everything these days and each one has its own purpose. With options like Facetime and Skype for video calling, Google Calendar and Evernote for scheduling and documenting, Venmo and CashApp for sharing expenses, and so much more, you could end up with a dozen apps to coordinate with your co-parent.  

Alternatively, TalkingParents is an all-in-one solution, allowing parents with shared custody to coordinate all aspects of their co-parenting life in a single, secure application. In addition to Secure Messaging, TalkingParents offers the Accountable Calling feature, complete with Phone and Video Calling tools. Our service also includes the Shared Calendar and Info Library, so you and your co-parent can easily coordinate your child’s schedule and document important information regarding your kids. TalkingParents even has Accountable Payments, allowing you to keep track of all shared parenting expenses right from within the app, including the ability to make payment requests and send or receive money.  

Why use a dozen apps when you can get everything done with just one? You and your co-parent can better organize your shared parenting responsibilities, save time, and limit all aspects of communication to one platform by using TalkingParents. Try out our Premium Plan today with a 30-day free trial.


3. Unalterable Records 

Every action taken within TalkingParents is in your Records. Should you ever end up in court, using other apps for communication and coordination with your co-parent could be a huge financial and evidentiary loss.  

99% of divorce and family law attorneys charge by the hour. This means, if your lawyer has to sift through dozens of apps to track down and verify activity between you and your co-parent, you could be billed hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of additional hours. Alternatively, TalkingParents keeps Unalterable Records of all your activity, streamlining the evidence gathering process for your attorney and saving you money.  

If you use apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Venmo, and others to communicate and coordinate with your co-parent, you could lose out on evidence for court. Platforms like this do not offer unaltered records of activities, meaning they may not be accepted in the courtroom.  

On the other hand, TalkingParents’ Unalterable Records are admissible in courtrooms across the country. Each Record includes a Digital Signature and unique, 16-digit Authentication Code that verifies the Record is genuine and has not been modified in any way. Electronically Certified PDF Records and Printed Records are available for Secure Messaging, Accountable Calling, the Shared Calendar, Personal Journal, Info Library, and Accountable Payments.  

When it comes to co-parenting, other apps don’t compare to TalkingParents 

While many of these applications may work great for your other relationships, TalkingParents is far superior for parents with shared custody. Our service can keep communications and coordination secure, organized, and unalterable for the benefit of co-parents and their children.  

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