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Who is TalkingParents for?

A breakdown of who uses TalkingParents and what it can be utilized for.

Who should use TalkingParents?

TalkingParents is a communication service used by people who share parenting responsibilities. Our application offers an array of features that can be utilized in many ways, so parents in all types of situations can benefit from it. Not sure if TalkingParents is for you? Here is a breakdown of varying types of parenting situations our application is commonly used in:

Joint custody

TalkingParents is frequently used by parents with joint custody. Whether you’re divorced, separated, or were never with your co-parent, our application can help you navigate your co-parenting situation. TalkingParents is used by moms and dads with all sorts of joint custody splits, from 50/50 and 60/40 to 70/30 and so on. Parents with joint custody find considerable value in our Shared Calendar feature, which allows you to keep track of the custody schedule, transition days, and your child’s day-to-day activities or routines.


Sole custody with visitation

TalkingParents is also used by parents navigating sole custody with visitation. Whether your visitation arrangement is supervised or unsupervised, our application can assist with any necessary coordination. Both parents can keep tabs on the visitation schedule and any pick-ups or drop-offs with the Shared Calendar.

High conflict

People in high conflict co-parenting situations often use TalkingParents to communicate. Our application keeps all coordination and communication between you and your co-parent on an Unalterable Record, so nothing can ever be changed or deleted. This feature brings peace of mind to many parents in high-conflict situations because they can communicate through Secure Messaging, share expenses with Accountable Payments, and coordinate their child’s schedule in the Shared Calendar, while keeping everything documented. This way, should you and your co-parent end up in court, all actions taken within TalkingParents can be used as evidence.


TalkingParents is also used by parents in amicable co-parenting situations. As many parents would agree, life can be busy and stressful no matter how well you get along with your child’s other parent. Luckily, TalkingParents is designed to help you stay organized. Even for co-parents who communicate just fine, keeping all coordination in one application can be a game-changer for managing your child’s custody schedule, appointments, activities, expenses, information, and more.

Domestic abuse/restraining order

People who no longer see their child’s other parent due to a dangerous or extremely high-conflict situation use TalkingParents to manage shared custody. The application allows you to coordinate any necessary communications regarding your child without sharing any personal information, keeping your location, phone number, and email address private. You may choose to share this information if you wish, however, TalkingParents will not require you to do so, even if you need to send messages or make phone calls to your child’s other parent. To learn more about why TalkingParents is a safe and secure way to communicate with an ex, click here.


Parallel parenting

For parents who both remain in their child’s life, but parent completely separately from one another, TalkingParents can be a huge help. Parallel parenting often means communicating as little as possible, but you still have to coordinate and share information at times, which is why a co-parenting application is extremely useful. All necessary communications can be made within TalkingParents, keeping everything documented and compartmentalized. We also offer an Info Library feature, where all your child’s important information can be stored for both parents to access. This makes it easy to keep tabs on your child’s clothing size, medications, allergies, emergency contact info, and more, all without having to interact with each other.

Long-distance co-parenting

TalkingParents is frequently used by co-parents who live far away from each other. No matter what the custody situation looks like from a distance, if both parents remain in the child’s life, a co-parenting app can be beneficial. Long-distance co-parents can use TalkingParents to make and organize travel arrangements and keep in touch with the child when they’re apart. Our application has an Accountable Calling feature, complete with phone and video calls, so you can stay in touch with your kids from far away.

TalkingParents is useful for all kinds of shared parenting situations

These are just some of the most common situations that people use our application for. We know that parents are faced with countless unique circumstances, which is why we offer a variety of features built to account for as many different factors as possible.

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