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Why Use Talking Parents?

Email, text messaging, and social networking sites are great, but when it comes to important communications regarding shared-parenting responsibilities and possible litigation, other forms of electronic communication are simply not up to the challenge.

  • Secure

    Unlike other forms of electronic communication, users cannot tamper with their record. Parents cannot delete or edit anything they say. All any user can do is add to the record. does not rely on the individual user’s computer, tablet, or phone to save messages. We save and maintain a single independent record.

  • Reliable is not affected by individual users’ hardware or software issues. Users can't lose their information because they do not keep it themselves; we keep it secure for them. Parents communicating through our service are not compiling two separate records; they are compiling one single, comprehensive record of all communications between them.

  • Accurate

    Because we keep the record, users are unable to alter the record. A parent communicating through cannot claim that the other parent has altered the record of communications. In addition to what is said, our records include exactly when each message is posted, every time a file is shared, and exactly when each message is first viewed, even if there is no reply.

  • Complete

    Our records present a complete and coherent view of all communications between parents. Our records are divided into conversations and arranged chronologically. With there is no need for parents to keep up with emails, text messages, or social networking conversations. We keep all communications between parents in one place, forever.

  • Efficient

    Lawyers walk into court every day with messy and confusing stacks of printed out emails, text messages, and screenshots from social networking sites. While these other services may be convenient to use, none of them are designed to keep an accurate, complete, secure and readily-available record of all communications.

  • Formal

    No spam, no junk, no off-topic distractions. is about one thing: communication between parents regarding their children. Parents know their communications are being monitored and will be readily available to the court in the event of future proceedings. Our complete and unalterable records bring real accountability to electronic communication.

  • Dependable

    Email addresses, phone numbers, and social networking accounts come and go. People change service providers; create new accounts that eventually replace old accounts; and are often forced to abandon an account because of a breach in security or an overwhelming amount of spam. All of this leads to lost messages, unreliable and incomplete records and a general lack of formality.

  • User Support

    No other form of electronic communication is designed to do what we do and no other form of electronic communication offers the kind of specialized support we do. At we understand the needs of our users and we strive to provide a high-quality experience for the parents, lawyers, and courts who rely on our service every day.