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Getting Started with TalkingParents

Both co-parents must create an account to communicate through TalkingParents. Getting started is easy.

Getting started with TalkingParents is easy, however, you and your co-parent must both create an account in order to communicate through our service. Whether you sign up for a Free Plan (only accessible through our website), or a Standard or Premium Plan (accessible through the website and mobile app), this remains the case. There are three overarching reasons why both co-parents must create an account to use our service: 

  1. We want to ensure that both you and your co-parent have given consent to sign up for TalkingParents.  
  2. We want to ensure that you are matched with your co-parent, and your co-parent only.  
  3. We want to ensure that all communications made within TalkingParents are viewable by you and your co-parent at the time they are attempted.  

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At TalkingParents, we take security and accountability very seriously. It’s imperative that we uphold these measures to sustain the integrity of our service.  

How to create an account 

The sign up process includes entering and verifying your email address, inputting your first and last name, creating a password for your account, selecting your time zone, and setting up multi-factor authentication for additional security.  

Once your account is created, you must match with your co-parent. There are three ways you can go about the matching process: 

  1. If you have a Match ID from your co-parent: If your co-parent has already signed up, they can send you a unique, 6-character Match ID to match you to their account. Enter it when prompted.
  2. If you have your co-parent’s email address: If you know what email address your co-parent signed up with, enter it when prompted to match with their account.
  3. ‚ÄčIf you do not have your co-parent’s Match ID or email address: If you do not know your co-parent’s Match ID or their account email address, you can simply enter your co-parent’s first and last name, along with the first name and birthdate of your oldest child in common. It’s important that you and your co-parent enter your child’s information identically to ensure a proper match.  

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What if I’m still not matched with my co-parent? 

If you have attempted one of these options and you and your co-parent still aren’t matched, you can send your co-parent an invitation through text, email, or a unique Match ID (the Match ID option is typically used by co-parents who only communicate through a third-party). Need additional help with this? Click here

You will be notified when you match with your co-parent 

When you and your co-parent match through TalkingParents, you will receive an email notification saying that your account has been activated. Once your account is activated, you can sign in and begin communicating with your co-parent. At this point, you and your co-parent both have active accounts, meaning you are both able to communicate through TalkingParents.  

Get started with TalkingParents today 

The matching process is easy, and our service ensures that the correct accounts will be connected. If you and your co-parent are ready to get started with TalkingParents, you can use our step-by-step instructions to help you sign up. If you or your co-parent experiences any issues with the sign up process, visit our Help Center or Contact Support for assistance.  

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