Ideas for a Socially Distant Halloween

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If you live in an area that has banned trick or treating to discourage large gatherings, you may be wondering, “How Can I Celebrate Halloween in 2020?” With so many organizations canceling their annual Halloween events, parents and Halloween fans alike are trying to figure out how to make the most of the holiday. 

Just as with birthdays, a socially distant Halloween can be special and fun. It might take a little bit of extra creativity, but creating special moments and memories with your family will be worth the effort.  

The CDC has a list of low to high-risk activities for different holidays along with guidelines.


At Home 


Halloween Egg Hunt 

Time to break out your Easter eggs if you have any in your basement. Order a few of your child’s favorite candies and hide them around the house. Get dressed up and encourage them to find the hidden treats! 


You can go wild with decorating. Whether you have a stash of Halloween decorations or want to create your own with your kids, this is an excellent opportunity to get creative.  

House Party 

Who says you can’t have a party for two or three or however many people live in your house? Slip an invitation into the mail for your kids and let them open it. Then, have a festive menu and some games planned for the evening.  

Themed Meal 

From spooky avocado toast to monster popcorn, has a full list of Halloween recipes. You can create a day of fun, themed foods for your family. Bring a smile to their faces at lunch and keep the holiday spirit going from breakfast to dinner.  

Bake Spooky Treats 

Halloween treat ideas are almost endless. Baking is a great way to get your kids involved with your process, and you can even include some math practice by asking them fraction questions as you go. 

Candygrams or Boo Bags 

Spread the cheer to your friends and neighbors by dropping off ‘Boo Bags’ filled with holiday treats and little notes. Your kids can help you plan and put together the little treat bags. 

Movie Marathon 

Create a list of Halloween or fall movies that you love or that your kids have enjoyed. You can even do a quick search for Halloween episodes of your favorite shows. 



Zoom Costume Content 

Costume contests are not cancelled. Get dressed up in whatever costume you want and invite your friends and their families to a contest over Zoom. If you want to get more creative, you can create a theme and make a virtual background. 

Virtual Escape Room 

There are virtual escape rooms that you can sign up and compete with friends. Online puzzles or other themed games can create a fun event for a virtual call.  

Scary Story Time 

Organize a call, get everyone in cozy pajamas or even their costumes, and have a scary story time. Every kid can invent a story on the spot or share one that they wrote. If you are working with younger kids or if anyone is feeling shy, you could also use holiday mad libs that aren’t too scary. 





Similar to the birthday parades that many families have done throughout 2020, a Halloween parade could include decorating your car as well as dressing up your kids. 

Halloween Scavenger Hunt 

Create a fun scavenger hunt for your family that can be done around a park or your neighborhood. Spot different Halloween decorations like a jack-o-lantern or a broom and use it to get your kids out of the house! 

Haunted Roads 

Do a quick search and find out if any of your city areas are known for their over-the-top Halloween decorations. In some places, there are even drive-through haunted areas, such as The Haunted Road in Orlando.  

Orchards or Pumpkin Patches 

Many orchards and pumpkin patches have social distancing policies that allow families to feel comfortable partaking in this traditional autumn activity. Find farms or apple picking near you.  

Neighborhood Porch Decorating Contest or Window Hunt 

We talked about neighborhood item hunts that neighbors are creating for kids with teddy bears or other items. If you have a local group or list of neighbors, ask them if they want to participate by putting up Halloween decorations or hidden items around their front porch or windows.  

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