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The most all-inclusive co-parenting service Why use TalkingParents over our competitors

  • Kevyn R.
    “Best app for co-parents to communicate in 100%.”
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    “Other programs are costly, i.e. [OurFamilyWizard], and this is a much better option.”
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TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting service on the market.

TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting service on the market today. We are the only shared parenting platform that offers messaging, recorded phone and video calls, a shared calendar, and payments in one complete service. Additionally, we are the only co-parenting platform that offers a phone and video calling feature—complete with call recordings and transcripts. Our competitors either do not offer calling capabilities at all, or calls are not recorded.

TalkingParents offers the most accessible, straightforward, and user-friendly Records system. Unalterable Records is a standalone feature that allows you to request Electronically Certified PDF Records right from the tool within the app, or you can request Printed Records straight from the website. With our service, you do not have to contact support or dig for information about obtaining a certified copy of your records, as you do with several of our top competitors.

TalkingParents is run by real co-parents, a family law attorney, and software engineering experts. With our team’s combined knowledge and experience spanning shared parenting, family law, and technology, we have created the optimal co-parenting platform.

TalkingParents vs. OurFamilyWizard


  • No monthly billing — must pay up front, annually
  • Free plan not available to all co-parents
  • No on-demand certified records
  • No phone and video calling feature


  • Monthly billing — cancel anytime
  • Free Plan available to all co-parents
  • On-demand certified records
  • Phone and video calling feature

TalkingParents vs. AppClose


  • No web version available
  • Phone calls not recorded
  • Video calls not recorded
  • No call transcripts


  • Web version available
  • Phone calls are recorded
  • Video calls are recorded
  • Call transcripts

TalkingParents vs. Cozi


  • No messaging or calling feature
  • No shared payments feature
  • No records feature
  • Not geared towards co-parents


  • Messaging and calling features
  • Shared payments feature
  • Records feature
  • Made specifically for co-parents

TalkingParents vs. Other co-parenting platforms

TalkingParents is the complete solution for co-parents, offering the most robust selection of features that many parents with shared custody desperately need. Although we are a for-profit business and not affiliated with the court system in any state or country, we have been court-recommended and approved since 2010. Judges, lawyers, mediators, court-appointed guardians, and other court professionals have seen how our tools can simplify lives and evidence.

Co-parents benefit by having an application that monitors and facilitates communications and activities, creating a record should they need to go to court. This saves both parties time and money.

Additionally, because all communications and actions in the application are unchangeable, TalkingParents helps improve the lives of our customers by reinforcing civility. People are more likely to be civil if their communications and actions are monitored. This benefits all parties, including the children.

TalkingParents strives to provide co-parents and legal professionals with extensive information about our service through our Help Center, Parenting Resources page, social media channels, webinars, newsletters, and more. We never want you to be confused about any aspect of our platform, so if you ever have trouble finding the answers you’re looking for, please contact our customer support team immediately.

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  • Accountable CallingSM

    Make video or phone calls, complete with call recordings and transcripts, all without disclosing your phone number.

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  • Accountable Payments℠

    Keep track of all of your shared parenting expenses. You and your co-parent can make payment requests and securely send or receive money.

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  • Secure Messaging

    Send messages that you and your co-parent cannot edit or delete.

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  • Shared Calendar

    Manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments.

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  • Info Library

    Create customizable cards with vital information like daycare phone numbers, allergy details, or emergency contacts.

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  • Personal Journal

    Make notes and keep track of interactions without sharing it with your co-parent. Anything you want to stay private can be documented here.

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  • Vault File Storage

    Store and organize images, videos, and any other files in your personal storage space.

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  • Attachment Library

    Easily view and download all files shared in Secure Messaging between you and your co-parent.

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  • Unalterable Records

    Used by court professionals and admissible in courtrooms across the country, every action taken within TalkingParents is in your Records. 

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