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  • Accountable Calling℠

    Make video or phone calls, complete with call recordings and transcripts, all without disclosing your phone number.

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  • Accountable Payments℠

    Keep track of all of your shared parenting expenses. You and your co-parent can make payment requests and securely send or receive money.

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  • Secure Messaging

    Send messages that you and your co-parent cannot edit or delete.

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  • Shared Calendar

    Manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments.

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  • Info Library

    Create customizable cards with vital information like daycare phone numbers, allergy details, or emergency contacts.

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  • Personal Journal

    Make notes and keep track of interactions without sharing it with your co-parent. Anything you want to stay private can be documented here.

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  • Vault File Storage

    Store and organize images, videos, and any other files in your personal storage space.

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  • Attachment Library

    Easily view and download all files shared in Secure Messaging between you and your co-parent.

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  • Unalterable Records

    Used by court professionals and admissible in courtrooms across the country, every action taken within TalkingParents is in your Records. 

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Philip Lockwood
“Being able to capture important custody issues has been instrumental for my kids and me. It’s helped us with visitation and keeping a consistent schedule, which has improved our relationship tremendously over this past year.”

— Philip Lockwood, Real Co-Parent

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