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Spring Break Activities for Kids

15 ideas to keep the kids busy over spring break.

If your children are in your care while they’re out of school for spring break, you may be looking for fun activities to keep them entertained. Our list of 15 ideas includes indoor, outdoor, and free activities for kids of all ages.

1. Hold a family movie night

Family movie night is something you and the kids can enjoy together. This activity gets everyone involved and can be a great way to sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening inside. Make movie night a success by getting some popcorn going, turning out all the lights, and cuddling up in some cozy blankets.

2. Garden

Gardening can be a fun, safe way to get the kids outdoors. They can work on a garden you already have growing, or you can buy some seeds for them to plant. Only give your kids age-appropriate gardening tools and make sure they stay properly shaded and hydrated on a hot day.

Child reading

3. Plan a read-a-thon

Get your kids excited about reading while they’re out of school by hosting a read-a-thon! You can give your child goals and corresponding prizes to encourage their participation. Make the competition on-going by requiring a certain number of pages or chapters to be read each day of the week.

4. Camp

A camping trip can be a fun outdoor adventure for the kids. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—you can even just visit a local campsite or camp out in the backyard one night. Bring sleeping bags, games, and smore’s stuff to get the full experience!

5. Bury a time capsule

Putting a time capsule together can be a fun spring break activity for the whole family. Have each person contribute something meaningful to them and choose a place to bury it together. Whether you choose to dig it up one year later or 10, there’s bound to be cherished memories inside.

6. Take a road trip

Buckle up and hit the road! You don’t have to go far to take a road trip with the kids. Put together a playlist of music that everyone can enjoy and load up on the crew’s favorite snacks to make this a family favorite.

Child at a museum

7. Visit a museum

Museums can be a fun and educational experience for children over spring break. Some museums are free or offer discounts for kids, so take time to check out deals near you.

8. Bake

Baking can help get the kids involved in the kitchen while setting them up with a tasty treat! Cooking also helps children with cognitive development, encouraging thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and more.

9. Do spring-related arts & crafts

Do your kids like to paint, draw, or sculpt? Think about what kinds of arts-and-crafts activities they enjoy, and then give them a spring theme. You can even make this an outdoor experience by having them choose something in nature as inspiration for their artwork.

10. Stargaze

Stargazing can be fun for kids of all ages. This relaxing activity encourages your children to get outside at night and look to the sky. Make stargazing extra fun by pointing out and naming the constellations together or looking for planets and shooting stars.

11. Throw an ice-cream party

All you need is some ice-cream and a variety of toppings to make this an activity the children will love. Line everything up on the kitchen counter and let your kids put their ice-cream bowls or cones together themselves.

Siblings dancing

12. Have a dance off

Put on some music and challenge the kids to a dance off! Everyone can take turns choosing songs and showing off their moves. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly and encourage the kids to have fun with it.

13. Build a blanket fort

Round up pillows and blankets and get the kids’ creative juices flowing by having them construct a blanket fort. They can name it, decorate it with knickknacks or handmade art, and tell stories inside.

14. Play games

Get the whole family involved by planning a night of fun and games. Let everyone choose their favorite board game, make some snacks, and settle in. For older children, you can make it more competitive by dividing into teams or formulating an overall points system for the evening.

15. Go on a picnic

Pack an easy lunch or dinner, grab a grass-friendly blanket, and take the kids outside for a picnic. This is a great spring break activity for the family to enjoy the weather, laugh, and eat together.

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