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Now with Video Calling! Accountable Callingâ„ 

Make video or phone calls, complete with call recordings and transcripts, all without disclosing your phone number.

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Ease and accountability

Co-parents on our Free Plan can receive phone calls. Co-parents on our Standard Plan can receive phone and video calls. 

Our Premium Plan allows co-parents to make and receive phone and video calls. It also gives co-parents unlimited access to audio and video recordings and transcripts of every call. The Premium Plan includes 120 free Calling minutes each month. If you ever run out of minutes, you can purchase additional Calling minutes at any time.

Tips and best practices

Opt for video calls when possible

If you are calling to communicate with your child while they are with your co-parent, Video Calling can be far superior to Phone Calling. Your child will be more engaged when they can see your face.

Set up a schedule

You and your co-parent should be respectful of each other's time. Unless there is an urgent need, you should not initiate an unexpected recorded call. Using our Shared Calendar, try setting up a scheduled time when you are both available to talk. 

Remove distractions

Try removing distractions so that both parties can remain engaged in the conversation. Television, radio, and video games in the background will increase tension and frustration. Because Accountable CallingSM is recorded, outside noises can also make it difficult to generate call transcripts.

Remember… everything is recorded

Be mindful that call recordings pick up on not only what is said, but how it is said. Studies show that people communicate far more information with their tone of voice and body language than with the actual words they speak. When on a call with your co-parent, be mindful that they may pay more attention to how you say things rather than what you say.

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"Enjoying this app as much as possible. I enjoy the fact that it records phone conversations usually use it to talk to my daughter..." — Vincent Martinez (Google Play Review)
"In the first month of use I have seen a big improvement in communication. It's amazing what people don't say when they think it will be used in court." — Anonymous User (Google Play Store)
"I love with the app the other parent can't delete anything that they say or do." — Wiko Gallardo (Google Play Store)

Accountable CallingSM Common questions

Why can't I make a call?

Only parents with a Premium Plan can start a phone or video call. Free and Standard Plan members can receive phone calls. 

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How do I turn Calling on and off?

Enable and disable Phone and Video Calling from your Account Settings.

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How do I verify my phone number?

Go to your Account Settings to verify your mobile phone number.

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Does calling work outside of the US?

Parents can use Video Calling anywhere the TalkingParents mobile app is available. Phone calls are only supported using a US or Canadian mobile phone number beginning with +1.

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