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Keep important info in one place Info Library

Create customizable cards with vital information like daycare phone numbers, allergy details, or emergency contacts.
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Document important details

For quick access to frequently used information, create a private or shared card for items like:

  • Clothing and shoe sizes
  • Daycare contact information
  • Allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Medical information
  • Emergency contacts

Tips and best practices

Categorize with tabs for better organization

Tabs can help organize information in a way that makes it much easier to find later. If you have multiple children with your co-parent, you can organize tabs by each child.

Pay attention to the edit dates

Cards show the date when it was last edited. This ensures you can easily tell what information is most up to date.

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"This app has built up trust and been very effective for my daughter's dad and I. We are working towards getting out of the system. We are so thankful to this app for building a better foundation to stronger co-parenting." — Trish Patricia (Facebook)
"It has been a perfect way for documentation and high conflict communication" — Natalie Garcia (Google Play Store)
"I love this app... Communicating via TalkingParents is the nicest he has ever been to me ever. It's great." — Yogatechnomad (Apple App Store)

Info Library Common questions

If I share a card from a tab, does my co-parent have access to everything in that tab?

No. Your co-parent will only have access to the specific cards you shared with them.

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What if my co-parent changes information on a shared card?

As long as the card remains Shared every action related to that card is recorded.

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Why can't I create a card?

Cards can be created when you're on a Standard or Premium Plan. 

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Can my co-parent edit or delete cards I created?

No. Each card can only be edited or deleted by the parent who created it.

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