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Keep communication accountable Secure Messaging

Send messages that you and your co-parent cannot edit or delete.
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Take the stress out of communicating

All messages and read receipts are timestamped, allowing you to see when your co-parent sent or viewed a message. Easily upload file attachments with any message.

Tips and best practices

Keep your cool & stay respectful

It's still helpful to write your messages as if a judge or third-party will read them. Exercise restraint. Do your best to stay polite and civil to show you are being cooperative.

Keep messages on one platform

Keep all of your conversations in one place. Email, social media messages, text messages—the more platforms you choose to communicate on, the more chances you have for confusion, missed messages, and arguments.

Setup message notifications

You can enable email, SMS text message, or push notifications so you don't miss messages from your co-parent. 

"When I committed to communication with my separated spouse only through TalkingParents all games and name calling and bitter attitudes stopped in a day… I almost started communicating again through text messages but I resisted it and continue only through the TalkingParents app because it keeps us honest and respectful knowing the courts will have full access to our conversations and we don’t want to appear petty." — enjoytalkingnow (Apple App Store)
"It's nice to be able to communicate directly through this app! Cuts time in half and spares every one the drama. It's all in writing the courts." — Kix Coleon (Google Play Store)
"I wish that we had started using this earlier. I love knowing when my coparent has read my messages. I love that messages are time stamped. It's been really helpful for sharing documents as well. Worth the subscription for sure." — Shine Chisholm (Google Play Store)

Secure Messaging Common questions

How do I search my messages?

Select the magnifying glass icon at the top of your messages to search for keywords and phrases. 

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How do I know when my co-parent receives my message?

Once your co-parent views the message, a timestamp appears with a small "eye" icon. This indicates that your message was viewed.

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Can I send files and pictures in a message?

Yes. You can upload up to 5 attachments per message.

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Can I add a third party (e.g. grandparent, or legal professional) to my messages?

No. Communications are limited to two people—yourself and your co-parent.

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