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Keep track of your child's schedule Shared Calendar

Manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments.

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Keep your life organized

Stay in sync with your co-parent to avoid conflict. You can create single events for things like doctor's appointments or school plays and repeating events for your child's extracurricular activities and custody transition days.

Tips and best practices

Add your custody schedule

With the ability to create repeating events, entering your custody schedule and other recurring activities enables you to set and forget. Try color coding each event for an easy to read, at a glance calendar.

Add details to your events

When creating an event, include the items your child may need in the Event Details. For example, include uniform requirements for an upcoming sports event. 

Color-coordinate your events

Use colors to categorize your events so you can easily distinguish between school, extra-curricular activities, and transition days. 

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"This invention is awesome to keep both parents conscious about what they say to each other and to stay on point when children are the main focus and knowing the judge have access everything." — Alaà (Apple App Store)
"Fantastic because whoever you're talking with cannot erase messages they've sent…" — J e M Jr (Google Play Store)

Shared Calendar Common questions

Can I view edits my co-parent makes to events?

Yes. You are able to see when a calendar event was viewed or edited.

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Can my co-parent edit or delete events I created?

No. Each event can only be edited or deleted by the parent who created it.

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What is the difference between a canceled and a deleted event?

Deleted events will be removed from the Shared Calendar and added to your Deleted Events list. Occurences of a repeating event can be canceled and will appear on your calendar in red. 

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Can I sync with other calendars (e.g. Google Calendar or iCal)

No, in order to maintain accountability we do not support syncing with third party tools. 

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