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Private documents just for you Vault File Storage

Store and organize images, videos, and any other files in your personal storage space.

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Store and share files

Privately and securely store a variety of files in your Vault. You can share files directly from your Vault via email to any third party.

Tips and best practices

Stay organized with favorites and folders

Do you find yourself constantly referencing a specific file? Select "Add to Favorites" so you can quickly access it later. Files can be further organized into separate folders.

Share files to third parties

Similar to cloud storage, you can share links to files directly from your Vault. All you need is the recipient's email. You can even set limits for how long the recipient can access the link.

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"Great app! This has been great for being able to go back and verify what was said and not said. All activity can be accessed by lawyers and in court too!" — Michael Boyd (Google Play Store)
"I would recommend this to anyone having trouble with co-parenting with an ex. They may not like it, but it will help you keep your sanity and maybe cut down on the nastiness." — ElCocodrillo (Apple App Store)
"This helps the ex-wife and I to talk in a civilized manner. I like that I can see when she read a message…" — Rilliam (Apple App Store)

Vault File Storage Common questions

How much file storage do I have?

Standard members are given 15 GB of Vault Storage and Premium members are given 50 GB.

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Can I recover deleted files?

Deleted files are moved into a separate folder, labeled with a trash can icon.

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Can I share Vault files with anyone?

Yes. You can either Copy a Link or Send an Email to anyone you'd like.

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What file types can I upload?

Most file types are supported.

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