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5 Best Co-Parenting Blogs

A list of popular co-parenting blogs for parents with shared custody.

We've put together a list of popular blogs created to guide you through your unique co-parenting journey. Each blog offers a variety of information from many different perspectives, but they are all centered around the health and well-being of children from separated or divorced parents. Whether you’re in a high-conflict or amicable situation with your co-parent, these five blogs can hopefully provide some value:

1. Co-Parenting into the Future

The mission of Co-Parenting into the Future is to support parents going through the divorce process with tools for successful and effective co-parenting. Their blog covers a variety of topics, including parenting after divorce, the importance of co-parenting classes, co-parenting tips, and more. The site also offers online courses on co-parenting and the tools necessary for effective communication. The courses include a downloadable workbook and a quiz at the end with a certification of completion.

2. TalkingParents: Parenting Resources

We’ve curated an extensive collection of child rearing information and parenting tips and tricks, covering a variety of topics for families. Our blog is broken down into sections, making it easy for co-parents to find what they’re looking for. Parenting Resources sections include child development, custody, divorce, education, family law, finances, health & wellness, and more. Articles within these pillars are written by various individuals, including industry experts and co-parents. Some of our popular articles include:

Our blog also includes a section dedicated to stories from real co-parents, in which TalkingParents users share their unique experiences, and webinars spanning all Parenting Resources categories.


3. Co-Parenting Solutions LLC

Co-Parenting Solutions provides a multi-level approach to services that focus on reducing parental conflict for the child’s benefit. Blog categories include co-parenting solutions, divorce in the 21st century, family matters, and professional advice.

4. Child & Family Blog: Co-Parenting

The Child & Family Blog is a research-based project that reports on how family influences child development, both socially, emotionally, and cognitively. The articles are written by or with top child and family researchers in child development, based on current research published in academic journals. Some co-parenting topics include child support, the benefits of co-parenting, the concept of "community of care" that extends care to grandparents and other caregivers, parenting in high-conflict divorces, and research on the importance of overnight stays with fathers to very young children.


5. Divorce and Children

Divorce and Children’s blog is about "helping separated and divorced parents get the support they need to raise happy, confident, and secure kids." The site's owner, Christina McGhee, is a speaker, coach, and author. Formatted as letters to her readers, McGhee's blogs cover everything from mistakes co-parents make to stories and tips for making family life better. Blog categories include adjustment issues for children, alienation, divorce, high-conflict, inspirational, parent stories and tips, and much more.

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