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A FREE replacement for email, text, and all other electronic messages between co-parents.
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We keep track of important conversations between parents that may become the subject of future litigation.
Our goal is to improve communication and help parents avoid disputes. Disputes that cannot be avoided should be easier to resolve with an accurate record.

At we keep a complete record of communications between parents. We maintain the record as an independent third party, making sure parents cannot delete or alter anything they have said. In addition to what is said, we also keep track of exactly when each communication is made, and when each parent actually views a new communication.

Parents who are separated, divorced, or were never together in the first place must still communicate with each other regarding their children. Good communication is the key to a positive co-parenting environment. We bring formality and accountability to electronic communication by providing parents with a secure, accurate, and complete record of all communications between them.

In high-conflict situations - especially those involving domestic violence - courts can order parents to communicate exclusively through our free service. Parents do not need each other's telephone numbers, email addresses, or any other actual contact information to communicate through

In situations where parents get along well enough to discuss matters in person or over the phone, courts can simply require that any agreements reached elsewhere be clarified, verified, and documented through