Talking Parents is available on all mobile and touch screen devices, so you can communicate with your co-parent anytime, anywhere, on any device with one unalterable records.

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The Right Tools for Effective Co-Parenting

Our one-of-a-kind service ensures privacy and security for co-parents. When you sign up, we connect your account behind the scenes with the other parent. As you both communicate, we maintain an unalterable communication record based on all your interactions.

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Easy Communication

Create & manage new conversations at any time with a simple click of a button.

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Shared Calendar

Keep track of important dates and events. Our calendar records ensure accountability.

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File Sharing & Storage

Attach files to any message or store them securely in your Attachment Library.

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Unalterable Communication Records

Obtain your complete and unalterable records including dates and timestamps at any time.

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For Parents

Co-Parenting Resources

Our co-parenting resources cover a wide variety of topics including information on litigation, how to communicate effectively with your co-parent, and even ideas for fun family activities. We tailor our resources to your parenting needs.

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For Judges, Lawyers, Mediators, and Guardians

Professionals Resources

Talking Parents is also a resource for professionals working within the court system. Our service and records serve to aid both parents, and the court system during child custody actions, domestic violence situations, and other instances where our unalterable record of communication is helpful during litigation. Read on to find out how we help third-party professionals better serve families and children.

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