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Educational Resource List for Co-Parents

At home with the kids due to COVID-19 school closures? Here’s a list of resources to keep them active, learning, and entertained

At home with the kids for COVID-19 school closures? Here’s a list of resources to keep them active, learning, and entertained

This list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings is very comprehensive, as is this one from, and All Digital Schools is a site that was created in response to the closures.

Free as a Response to School Closures

Scholastic Learn from Home website is now available for free for the next few weeks with articles, stories, videos, and learning challenges. The learning resources are available for kids from PreK through 12.

Khan Academy has free access for parents, teachers, and parents. The lessons, exercises, tests, and videos are available in 40 different languages. Khan Academy can be used on computers or via the mobile app.

Request free access to BrainPOP by following the instructions on the linked page.

Skillshare offers a free trial that includes full access to all their online classes. There are workshops and tutorials that may also be appropriate for older students or even parents looking to learn some new skills.

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy has an online curriculum for kids 2-8 and offers a 30-day free trial.

Educational Resources

The following list of articles have educational apps, coding programs, educational videos, and documentaries for kids.

Virtual Museums

Since most museums are closing in response to health guidelines, use the extra time at home to explore virtual spaces.

Google’s Art and Culture website features tours of US National Parks and over 2,500 museums and galleries around the world. Google also partnered with NASA to allow you to explore Mars from your couch.

BBC’s Discover History’s Treasures App includes a virtual collection with historic artifacts.

The Louvre also offers virtual tours for many of their exhibits including the Egyptian Antiquities collection.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has web cams of their animals, allowing you to experience the ocean and watch the penguins explore their habitats. Similarly, the San Diego Zoo live streams many of their animal exhibits.


With many libraries closing down, access to eBooks is a potential solution that allows your child to continue reading.

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