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Real Co-Parent, Caroline Kelley, Shares Her Story with TalkingParents

Caroline Kelley is a mother of two who co-parents with her ex-husband. In an exclusive interview with TalkingParents, Kelley opens up about why she and her ex started using TalkingParents during their divorce, and how it has changed their lives and their kids’ lives for the better.
“It was really high conflict, it was really unexpected on my part, and I think I could have gone down the path where we just never would have gotten along. We could have been arguing for years about everything. Instead, we pretty much changed the way we communicate by using the TalkingParents app.”
-Caroline Kelley, Co-Parent & Creator of Cute With Kids

Watch Her Testimonial Here

Kelley’s interview is the first of many to be released by TalkingParents in their new “Real Co-Parents” campaign. The initiative seeks to tell the stories of real co-parents who use the TalkingParents app in their everyday lives. “Real Co-Parents” is one of several ways that TalkingParents continues to provide resources to parents in the hopes of making a positive impact on families.

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