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Real Co-Parent, Meghan Kelly, Shares Her Story with TalkingParents

Meghan Kelly is a mother of two daughters who is in a parallel parenting situation with her ex-husband. In an exclusive interview with TalkingParents, Kelly opens up about the communication challenges she and her ex were facing, how it was impacting her girls, and why they started using a co-parenting communication service. 

“Because I’m able to regulate my responses and take a little bit more control of the communication with my ex-husband, my kids aren’t suffering like they used to. They are not affected by the tense, hostile, toxic communication patterns that once existed.” 

-Meghan Kelly, Co-Parent & High-Conflict Divorce Coach 

Watch Her Testimonial 

Kelly’s interview is one of many to be released by TalkingParents in their ongoing “Real Co-Parents” campaign. The initiative seeks to tell the stories of real co-parents who use the TalkingParents app in their everyday lives. “Real Co-Parents” is one of several ways that TalkingParents continues to provide resources to parents in the hopes of making a positive impact on families. 

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