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TalkingParents Enters into Strategic Partnerships with Major Tech Platforms to Enhance User Experience

As an industry leader, TalkingParents continuously works to ensure customer satisfaction is at the top of their list. This most recent update will provide users with a simplified, more secure, and reliable subscription experience.

“These partnerships enable the delivery of reliable and secure subscription payments to our customers at scale without requiring additional security or development resources. This allows us to focus on core product features and improve value for our customers. Capturing and analyzing subscription and payment data provides the insight needed for marketing and growth.” – John M. Jackson, CTO - TalkingParents

With the global reach of Google Play, Revenue Cat, Adjust and Stripe, this partnership enables TalkingParents to exponentially scale its technology as the service continues to expand its user base and features. This ensures an extensible user experience that is not bogged down by system re-architecture as technologies grow. It also gives TalkingParents the reporting needed to make better decisions on behalf of its users.

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