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TalkingParents Featured on Hit Lifestyle Television Show, BELatina

As part of a series focused on giving multicultural families access to tools and tips that make their lives better, the nationally recognized co-parenting app, TalkingParents, was recently featured on an episode of BELatina on Lifetime. In this episode, host Karent Sierra, TalkingParents Founder Stephen Nixon, and Director of Marketing Heather Ruiz explore why effective communication is essential after separation and how TalkingParents helps.

The segment was initially inspired by a Senior Producer for BELatina, Julie Cachimbo, who went through a highly contentious three-and-a-half-year divorce herself. Cachimbo says that after 13 years of marriage involving physical, emotional, mental, and verbal abuse, she decided enough was enough for the sake of her young children. Now, Cachimbo is on a personal mission to help families in similar situations, and she believes TalkingParents can be a positive solution.
“When you’re in a situation where communication has not only just broken down between both parents, but you have concerns about the intentions of the other parent, that’s when you want to start documenting. It’s not to prove that the other parent is bad or malicious, but ultimately to protect these children.”
-Julie Cachimbo, Senior Producer, BELatina
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