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TalkingParents Introduces Accountable Payments℠

Fort Walton Beach, FL: TalkingParents, a co-parenting communication service, recently released an additional update to their robust communication platform.

TalkingParents introduced Accountable Payments℠ as the latest feature in their quest to provide a comprehensive service that meets the complex needs of co-parenting. This secure and easy to use feature allows co-parents to send, receive, and request payments.

Accountable Payments℠ gives co-parents the ability to request, send, and receive payments for any expenses that arise in a shared-parenting situation. From medical bills, to childcare, extracurricular activities, and other needs, parents can quickly create online payments. As with all TalkingParents features, Accountable Payments℠ was built to focus on creating transparency and accountability between co-parents. This means that every action is timestamped and available within the Payments Record.

TalkingParents' complete list of features includes Accountable Calling℠, Secure Messaging, Shared Calendar, Info Library, File Vault, Attachment Library, and the Personal Journal. TalkingParents aims to help co-parents avoid and resolve disputes by creating accurate and unalterable Records of all their interactions. Customers can order Calling, Messaging, Payments, and Calendar Records as digital PDF downloads or certified printed hard copies.

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