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TalkingParents Introduces Info Library and All-New Calendar

Fort Walton Beach, FL: TalkingParents co-parenting communication service has released an update to their service that improves their existing Shared Calendar and introduces the Info Library.

In response to user requests and feedback, the TalkingParents team has created robust and flexible solutions for co-parents in the Shared Calendar. New functionalities within the Shared Calendar include the ability to create repeating events and easily input parenting schedules.

The new Info Library gives co-parents the ability to create, customize, and organize cards with important information about their kids. From allergies and medical details, to childcare or school information, co-parents can document contact information to improve coordination. If one parent needs quick access to a child’s dentist’s name or address, they can quickly go to the related tab in the Info Library in TalkingParents.

TalkingParents' full list of features includes Accountable Callingâ„ , Secure Messaging, Shared Calendar, Info Library, File Vault, Attachment Library, and the Personal Journal. TalkingParents aims to help co-parents avoid and resolve disputes by creating accurate and unalterable Records of all their interactions. Customers can order Calling, Messaging, and Calendar Records as digital PDF downloads or certified printed hard copies.

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