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TalkingParents Launches Certified Records and Accountable Payments Feature Enhancements

Fort Walton Beach, FL: Since its inception, TalkingParents offers users access to Certified Printed and PDF Records of all communications happening within the service. With the addition of a new Digital Signature technology, courts can rest assured that PDF records are not digitally modified in any way. If a file is tampered with, the Digital Signature will document the changes made after signing. Each Unalterable Record now also includes a unique, 16-digit Authentication Code. Since each original file is permanently archived, this code is used to verify any record as genuine by referencing this unique identifier. TalkingParents is the only co-parenting communications service to offer this additional security feature.

“We are always looking for new ways to help users feel confident in the validity of our records. By ensuring they are accurate, unalterable, and referenceable we provide users with admissible information recognized by courts and court professionals around the world as evidence and a source of truth.” – Jason Graves – Director of Software Engineering

After the successful launch of Accountable Payments, TalkingParents’ most recent feature release allowing co-parents to transfer funds, users can now set up recurring payments. Accountable Payments means all shared parenting expenses made within the service are accounted for and on the Record. Co-parents can easily pay recurring expenses like child support, daycare, and health insurance without the hassle of physically making multiple transactions each month.

Graves also states, “After overcoming technology hurdles to bring the highly requested payment transfer feature to our users, the addition of recurring payments is only the first of several enhancements on our roadmap for Accountable Payments. Being able to set and forget with confidence is always a win in the busy lives of co-parents.”

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