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TalkingParents Partners with The Conscious Healing Mama

Dayna Ciarfalia, The Conscious Healing Mama, will take over TalkingParents’ Instagram account Monday, June 19th through Friday, June 23rd. @Talkingparentsapp and @the.conscious.healing.mama are partnering to provide followers with invaluable tips and tricks regarding self-regulation and managing emotions during high-conflict shared parenting situations. 

"As parents, we see what we believe to be true. What you believe to be true about your kids and co-parent dictates how you respond to and treat them. If you desire to respond more mindfully, take a deeper look at the beliefs you hold about your kids and co-parent. When you identify, challenge, and shift those beliefs, your thoughts and responses will begin to shift too.” 

-Dayna Ciarfalia, The Conscious Healing Mama

Ciarfalia’s expertise spans childhood neurobiological development, emotional regulation, childhood trauma, all things conscious parenting, and much more. She’ll be sharing advice for co-parents as it relates to these topics all next week. Follow TalkingParents on Instagram to learn more. 

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