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How Accountable Payments Helps Co-Parents

Parents in joint custody situations can make shared expenses easier with Accountable PaymentsSM.  

Sharing payments with your co-parent in a secure, accountable place can be a game changer for financial coordination regarding your child. TalkingParents offers the Accountable PaymentsSM feature, which allows you and your co-parent to keep track of all shared parenting expenses.

Accountable PaymentsSM offers peace of mind

With Accountable PaymentsSM, you and your co-parent can make payment requests and securely send or receive money. Requests and payments are timestamped so confusion over who paid what, when is completely removed from the equation.

Accountable PaymentsSM allows you to link your bank account directly to the feature to make payments, without your co-parent ever seeing any of your banking information or account names.

Just like all other TalkingParents features, every action taken within Accountable PaymentsSM is in your Unalterable Records, so nothing can ever be changed or deleted.

Accountable Payments

Accountable PaymentsSM offers convenience

In addition to one-time payments, you and your co-parent can set and forget repeat expenses using recurring monthly payments. This is a great tool for child support, daycare, insurance, and other continuous expenses.

If needed, you can also schedule future payments months in advance. This works well for sports fees, summer camp, and other extracurriculars or events that may be coming up for your child. Scheduling future payments offers convenience and organization to both co-parents when sharing expenses.

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Get started with Accountable PaymentsSM

If you and your co-parent are looking for ways to make shared expenses easier, Accountable PaymentsSM can help. In addition to offering convenience, this TalkingParents feature also gives you peace of mind knowing everything is documented. 

Parents on our Premium and Standard Plans have full access to Accountable PaymentsSM, allowing them to send and receive money. Our Premium users also get the added benefit of their payments only taking one to three business days to complete from the selected send date. Parents on our Free Plan have limited access, allowing them to receive money only. If you would like to upgrade your Free Plan, sign in. For more information about Accountable PaymentsSM, including a step-by-step how-to video and answers to common questions, click here.

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