How to Use TalkingParents

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TalkingParents is a co-parenting communication service with the features co-parents need to coordinate, plan, and talk. TalkingParents has created a platform that allows co-parents to be accountable through hardcopy and downloadable PDF Records. 

While TalkingParents was created with co-parents in mind, it is a service that can be used in any family structure. 

You can use TalkingParents with 

  • A grandparent or other extended family member 

  • A foster parent 

  • In the case of an open adoption 

  • A stepparent 

  • Expecting parents 

  • Legal guardian and biological parent 

*Please note that currently, all TalkingParents records are limited to just two users. 

Any two adults can sign up and match their accounts and begin communicating.  

You cannot start communicating through our service until the other person creates an account of their own. Once they sign up, our service will match your account with theirs and activate them. You will receive an automatic email notification from our system when that happens. 


Amicable Co-Parenting 

A common misconception with co-parenting communication apps or services is that it only works for high-conflict situations. However, TalkingParents is an ideal tool for co-parents that have an amicable relationship to use the documentation to solidify agreements involving their children. For example, if you have a conversation about a potential change of schools for your child, you can begin a TalkingParents thread dedicated to the decision so that you can look back on it whenever you need it. 


Benefits of Using TalkingParents 

There are many benefits to using TalkingParents, especially the ability to access communication records easily. Many parents also say that simply knowing everything you communicate to your co-parent is on your Record helps both parents act and speak more thoughtfully.  

shared calendar between parents allows them to stay in sync and to get organized. Parenting time schedules and extracurricular activities can require a lot of coordination, so sharing a calendar is key to staying organized. 


Using TalkingParents 

Learn more about our TalkingParents features here


How to Sign Up 

Signing up for TalkingParents is simple and free using Select the Create an Account option and follow the steps. 

TalkingParents blogs are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney regarding legal matters.

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