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TalkingParents Relaunches Popular Co-Parenting Webinar Series Just in Time for Summer

Leading co-parenting communication service, TalkingParents, is relaunching their Co-parenting & Coffee webinar series in June. Covering an extensive variety of subjects related to shared parenting, the series seeks to educate and engage co-parents for the betterment of their children.

“We are so excited to bring our webinar series back this year. Co-parenting & Coffee is not exclusive to our TalkingParents users, so anyone can sign up and benefit from this specially curated content. We hope parents will take advantage of this free opportunity to learn more about the everyday situations and challenges that come with raising children.”

-Heather Ruiz, Director of Marketing

The first Co-Parenting & Coffee webinar kicks off with a joint presentation and live Q&A session on “Mediating for Families with Special Needs Children.” Speakers Natalie Baird-King, Esq. and Sarah E. Kay, Esq. have over 30 years combined experience in mediation and family law. Together they will cover the definition of special needs and disabilities within the educational world, the impact of special education on family law cases, and best practices for parenting plans involving special needs children, among other topics.

Co-parenting & Coffee presents “Mediating for Families with Special Needs Children”, Thursday, June 16th, 10am ET. Sign up now or email to learn more.

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