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Socially Distant Birthday Parties for Kids

We have come up with some ideas to help your kids have a memorable and socially distant birthday. Planning a day of fun and surprises with your family can be exciting (and budget-friendly).

Are you thinking of organizing a party for your child’s upcoming birthday? The logistics of having many families in the same place may not be possible where you live as the world continues to navigate the global health pandemic.

We have come up with some ideas to help your kids have a memorable and socially distant birthday. Planning a day of fun and surprises with your family can be exciting (and budget-friendly).

Birthday Girl decorating a delicious treat

Sprinkle Pancakes

Whoever decided that birthday celebrations begin in the afternoon must not have had a birthday in isolation. Start their morning off with a fun surprise, such as filling the bathroom with balloons or making sprinkle pancakes. Beginning the day with an unexpected activity will allow your child to have a positive start to their birthday, even if it’s not the day they had imagined.

Decorating the Yard for a Birthday Party



Set the tone for your child’s day by decorating your home or your yard. If your child is creative and enjoys crafting, get out some paper and crayons to let them help. You don’t need to go to the store to pick up balloons or streamers either, find a theme and use recyclable objects around the house to create decorations!


Birthday Parades

You have likely seen these sweet parades on the news, so why not call your friends and family to see if they are free to drive by your home. Encourage them to honk and wave as they drive by, or use poster boards to share birthday wishes with your kids.

Birthday Boy Decorating Cupcakes

Custom Creations

As we discussed in our blog post about balancing homeschooling and working from home, baking is a great way to put math skills to practice. Measuring and pouring the ingredients for a homemade birthday cake is a delicious and even educational activity for your afternoon.

Glow Party

Order some glow sticks online and wait until it gets dark for this one. You can set up glow bowling by putting sticks in water bottles and rolling any ball to knock them down. Wear necklaces and bracelets, set up a glow-in-the-dark dance party with the whole family.

In Charge for a Day

Listen to the same song on repeat all day? Eat breakfast for every meal? You might if you give the birthday child the power to make all the decisions all day! It may sound dangerous, but it will be a day to remember!

Family Camping at Home


This overnight idea can be tailored depending on whether or not you have camping supplies at your house. If you have a tent and sleeping bags, you can set them up in your living room or in your backyard (weather permitting). Setting up Christmas lights around the ceiling and making this oven-friendly s'mores dip are great alternatives if you can't be outdoors.

Game Night

Many games involving dice, cards, or paper and pencils can be played with kids of all ages. Find some age-appropriate games or break out their favorite board games for a family-friendly tournament. Depending on the size of your family, you can modify the games and create different brackets with prizes.

The TalkingParents team has also made a list of virtual playdates for kids of all ages to help them stay connected with their friends while social distancing protocols are in place.

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