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Ways for Fathers to Bond with Their Kids

Fathers play a key role in helping their children develop cognitively and emotionally. Here are 15 ways for dads to bond with their kids.

Dads play a key role in helping their children develop cognitively and emotionally. It goes much further than just having a father in the house. Research shows that kids whose fathers are actively involved in their lives and have a strong father-child bond experience more overall life satisfaction, less depression, more positive peer interactions, better relationships with their siblings, and a lower risk for engaging in dangerous behaviors.

Father teaching son to ride bike

Make the most of all your time together 

As a father, creating a strong bond with your child is easier than you might think. It’s the everyday interactions and small moments added up over time that contribute to your child’s emotional and cognitive well-being.

Dads can start to bond with their children before they’re even born. Babies in the womb can hear voices, so fathers can start to develop a bond by talking, singing, and reading stories to them. As your children grow, you don’t have to plan special outings or trips in order to bond with them. Here are 15 easy ways for fathers to bond with their kids:

1. Share chores with your kids 
2. Play board games your kids 
3. Help your kids with their schoolwork 
4. Play outside with your kids 
5. Give your kids a hug 
6. Talk to your kids 
7. Tell your kids jokes 
8. Play a sport with your kids 
9. Volunteer with your kids 
10. Read your kids bedtime stories 
11. Cook with your kids 
12. Work with your kids on a project 
13. Listen to music with your kids 
14. Eat a meal with your kids 
15. Watch a movie with your kids

Father reading to son

The little things mean a lot 

An involved father promotes inner growth and strength in children. Studies indicate that when fathers are affectionate and supportive, it greatly impacts a child’s cognitive and social development. Some benefits of an active father include: 

  • Emotional security 
  • Confidence in exploring surroundings 
  • Better social connections with peers as children grow 
  • Less likely to get in trouble at home and school 
  • Less likely to use drugs and alcohol 
  • Higher IQ and better linguistic and cognitive capacities 

How to stay involved in a co-parenting situation 

Mothers and fathers both contribute to the cognitive and emotional development of their children in different ways, so if it’s possible for both parents to be involved in a positive way, that is the ideal situation for kids. For co-parents, setting up a 50/50 custody schedule that gives both mom and dad ample time to bond with the children can be beneficial.  

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