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5 Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney

How an attorney can be a great asset in family law disputes.

With family law issues like child custody or divorce, you can either hire a family law attorney or file “pro se” and represent yourself. Each situation has its own unique factors, but representing yourself in these instances is often a big responsibility that should only be taken on after careful consideration. As you contemplate your options for handling a divorce or child custody issue, here are five benefits of hiring a family law attorney to keep in mind:

1. Knowledge of legal processes

Even though they can seem simple at first glance, family law processes often involve some amount of red tape. You will be responsible for gathering evidence, following deadlines, and completing and submitting paperwork. Juggling these requirements can get overwhelming when combined with the conflict that’s brought you to court.

By hiring a lawyer, you are equipping yourself with a professional who has a thorough understanding of what processes you need to follow from start to finish. Attorneys with experience in family law will help you navigate through red tape, ensure you follow deadlines, and complete every requirement for your situation. You’ll gain a realistic expectation of the timeline for your legal process and avoid dealing with procedural headaches.


2. Expertise in local legislation

In addition to red tape from legal processes, laws at the state level for family law matters can sometimes add another layer of complications for your issue. For example, child custody laws vary significantly from state to state. Following a complicated process can become even more complex when taking state-specific requirements into account.

A family law attorney will be well-versed in your respective state’s laws and how they can affect your situation. Instead of trying to find answers through endless internet searches, you’ll have an all-in-one resource who knows the information that will positively or negatively influence your case. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing that your attorney is aware of your state’s family laws and prepared to advocate for you.

3. Confidence assembling and presenting evidence

When it comes to situations that end up in court, evidence is everything. Whether you are preparing for a divorce proceeding or a child custody issue, collecting and presenting pertinent evidence can have a significant impact on the judge’s verdict. Sifting through hundreds of text messages, emails, and other documents related to your case is a demanding task, and it can be difficult to determine which pieces are admissible in court. Additionally, you’ll need to juggle responses to the other party’s evidence.

When you hire a family law attorney, you are gaining a wealth of knowledge regarding what qualifies as evidence, what evidence best portrays your position, and how to present the right evidence to the court. From submitting compelling evidence to preparing responses for opposing evidence, your attorney will have the skills needed to best prepare your case.


4. Skill with negotiations

Unless you are a lawyer, then you likely do not have experience with litigation in a courtroom. If your issue ends up in court and you decide to represent yourself, then you will need to balance arguing your case, addressing any points from the opposing party, and presenting relevant evidence to the judge presiding over your case. Additionally, evidence that you think will support your case may work against your case if presented incorrectly.

A family law attorney knows the ins and outs of trial procedures and negotiations. They will have the knowledge and experience needed to prepare for statements and arguments, challenge points from the opposing party, and ensure that the judge has what they need to assess your case thoroughly. Your attorney will inform you of what to expect and what rights are entitled to you along the way.

5. Impartiality of view

At their core, family law issues often involve some degree of emotional turmoil. Going through the process of separation or divorce or deciding how to allocate custody of your children is rarely an easy process. Because of the inherent emotional involvement, you may feel inclined to seek retribution against your ex or be pressured into an agreement to avoid further conflict.

With a family law attorney, you are gaining a trusted advisor who can provide an objective view of the situation and your options. You can look for and select an attorney who has experience with similar cases to yours to ensure they are familiar with issues similar to yours. An attorney can assess the relevant circumstances and provide their best recommendations without the influence of emotions.

Whether you choose to work with a family law attorney or not, co-parenting communication services like TalkingParents can be a great resource for collecting and providing evidence in court. Thanks to the Unalterable Records feature, TalkingParents can provide you with complete documentation of messages, calls, calendar events, payments, and more through a Printed Record or Electronically Certified PDF. These Records are typically admissible in court and are used in courtrooms all across the country. Additionally, TalkingParents can help you save time and money when hiring an attorney.

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