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How the Personal Journal Helps Co-Parents

The Personal Journal gives co-parents a place to take private notes within TalkingParents.

The Personal Journal gives co-parents a private place to take notes within TalkingParents. This feature allows you to securely document any interactions, information, thoughts, or feelings that you would like, and it is not viewable to your co-parent.


How it works

Make a new entry in the Personal Journal to start taking private notes. You can also add up to five attachments with each journal entry. These attachments do not go into the Attachment Library that you share with your co-parent.

Journal entries can be edited, and the edit history will become a part of your Journal Record. Journal entries can also be deleted entirely, however, deletions will not be logged in your Journal Record.

Standard and Premium users get unlimited free downloads of their Journal Record, which contains a full report of current entries, along with the date and time that each entry was created.

When to use the Personal Journal

The Personal Journal can come in handy for parents in a variety of instances. Here are a few ways you might use this TalkingParents feature:

  • Draft messages that you would like to share with your co-parent, but you’re not quite ready to send.
  • Document important information for yourself, such as in-person discussions with your co-parent, notable thoughts and experiences of your own, and child behavior observances.
  • Take personal notes that might later be useful for yourself or your attorney.
  • Keep reminders that may be meaningful to you, your co-parent, or your child.
  • Take notes that you might want to share with a counselor or therapist.

Journaling is known to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Though you can use the Personal Journal strictly regarding your co-parenting situation, you can use it to manage thoughts and emotions related to any part of your life.

The Personal Journal can help you organize your co-parenting life

This feature serves as yet another secure documentation tool within TalkingParents, allowing you to record any personal matters that may be useful to you. Divorced mother of two, Meghan Kelly, says the Personal Journal is one of her favorite features. 

“I find the journal to be really helpful, especially for the messages that trigger me a little bit more. One of the greatest things I’ve learned is to take a moment to pause before replying, yet oftentimes when I receive a message, I’m flooded with a number of thoughts and feelings. I have things that I want to respond with, but I’m not really in a state to form a thorough response. So, the journal section of the app is great for me to file away my notes, take a breather, and then come back and put together a well-thought-out message. That way I come off clear, concise, and less emotional.”

To learn more about the Personal Journal, visit its Features page or the TalkingParents Help Center.

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