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Benefits of Shared Parenting

Joint custody can be hard on both parents, but there are benefits. Here are some of the positives of shared parenting relationships.

Whether or not you made the decision to be in a co-parenting relationship, shared parenting has many benefits. If you’re in a joint custody situation, keeping these positives in mind can make your co-parenting life a little easier.

Research shows that shared parenting is linked to many benefits for children

Global studies show that children who spend at least 35% of their time with each parent:

  1. Have better relationships with both their mother and father.
  2. Do better in school and receive better grades.
  3. Do better psychologically and socially.
  4. Are less likely to smoke, do drugs, and drink.
  5. Are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other stress-related issues.

Co-parenting is ultimately about two people coming together to provide care and support to their child, which is linked to a more stable psyche overall. Research shows that shared parenting relationships are linked to higher self-esteem, an increased sense of security, and decreased stress for your children both inside and outside the home.


Shared custody also has benefits for parents

For many parents, one of the hardest parts about joint custody is being away from their children. Because of this, sometimes the positives of shared custody get pushed aside. As certified parent coach, Jennifer Wolf, writes in an article for Verywellfamily, some of the benefits of shared parenting include:

  • Sharing the responsibility of disciplining your kids
  • Scheduling parenting time with your ex forces you into a routine
  • Joint custody makes it easier to date
  • Joint custody increases the opportunity for cost-sharing on everyday items
  • More time for yourself
  • Missing your kids helps you appreciate them
  • More freedom to focus on your career or education

Shared parenting is easier with co-parenting communication services like TalkingParents

Our service offers several cutting-edge tools, designed specifically with you and your co-parent in mind. Features such as Secure Messaging, Accountable Calling, the Shared Calendar, and Accountable Payments can all help you and your co-parent communicate and coordinate.

Though the benefits of shared parenting may not always be apparent, there are positives for you and your family. Striving to make your custody arrangement run as smoothly as possible only adds to those benefits.

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